Our Leaders

Sally McGhee
Sally McGheeFounder, CEO, and Director of Strategy
Charity Wilkins
Charity WilkinsDirector of Finance, Legal, and HR
Nick Rendall
Nick RendallDirector of Marketing
Kelly Forrister
Kelly ForristerDirector of Learning
Steve Crawford
Steve CrawfordDirector of Sales | Consultant

Our Consultants

Jendayi Harris
Jendayi HarrisSenior Consultant
Kristy Wanner
Kristy WannerSenior Consultant
Tab Edwards
Tab EdwardsSenior Consultant
Mitch Roberts
Mitch RobertsSenior Consultant
Nevenka Campodonico
Nevenka CampodonicoConsultant
Brooke Layman
Brooke LaymanConsultant
Joel Sutliff
Joel SutliffConsultant
Jonathan Linton
Jonathan Linton Consultant