Nevenka Campodonico

Nevenka Campodonico
Nevenka CampodonicoConsultant
“People often complain about not having enough time, only to create more work for themselves when free time presents itself. Living our own lives in an inspiring way is a big challenge and most of us don’t know where to start. When you are done for the day, and you feel tempted to go back to work, indulge yourself instead and start living your life.” – Nevenka

A Peruvian by birth, Nevenka Campodonico now calls Mexico City home. In school, Nevenka studied communications and spent her career in video production post-graduation. In 2010, she found her place in the world at McGhee Productivity Solutions. Starting as a coordinator, her passion and hard work quickly paid off. She is now a consultant, in charge of the Latin American market. She has delivered work in Europe, Latin America and the US as well as traveling to and living in many different countries over the years. Her background in communication and her many cultural experiences give her unique reference points to help serve her clients.

Nevenka loves her work; she is passionate about helping people create the life they want to live by doing the things that make their life worth living. Her goal is helping those who really want to make a change and she is skilled at working creatively with all budgets. She particularly loves working with clients 1:1 to help bring order to overwhelmed lives. Getting things in order is one of her specialties and she brings this into every aspect of her life; she’s always her friends’ first call when it comes time to move! Nevenka loves to spend time with her young son as well as travel, film and photography.

Productivity to me is making sure that I am ahead of my game, both business and personal. I know I am being productive when my key priorities are on my calendar, so I can make the best use of my time while I take care of myself and create fun and balance in my personal life. There is no way I will ever get everything done, AND I am happy with that as long as what I am getting done are the things that really matter to me.

My favorite program to deliver is Take Back Your Life!® because in the past I have had a very hard time managing it all while “surviving”, just like our clients do. I love the opportunity to be in front of a room supporting a group of people become confident about their business and inspired by their life. Your happiness is in the best interest of everyone around you.

When I’m not optimizing productivity, I’m traveling with my little guy. He’s wonderful company and keeps reminding me about the important things. That is his job as a toddler.