Change Management Solutions

Our Change Management solutions guide you through creating a sustainable culture of productivity. These multi-phase, tailored solutions include our Culture of Productivity Program, Effective Communications and Meetings, Strategic Team Planning, Team Accountability Program, Cultivating Accountability, Productivity Academy, and Assessments.

Culture of Productivity Program

This program includes a comprehensive package of our solutions to create a culture of productivity in your organization, for achieving the results that matter most.

Effective Communications and Meetings

This program is designed to transform your communication and meeting culture, by aligning your leaders and staff on a new paradigm for getting work done. The focus of the program is on individual behavior and team alignment to tackle the source of unproductive meetings and communications.

Strategic Team Planning

This program guides intact teams through a process that focuses on celebrating wins, course-correcting what didn’t work in the past year and looking ahead to gain alignment for the coming year’s goals and objectives.

Team Accountability Program

This program approaches accountability through behavior change and tactical processes. Your intact team will learn how to build and thrive in a highly accountable, communicative, and results-driven environment.

Cultivating Accountability

This workshop takes your intact team through an interactive workshop to understand accountability and how you can move from blame to solutions. The result is renewed commitment toward creating and owning own results.

Productivity Academy

This program leads your team through a series of engaging workshops, roundtable discussions, and implementation exercises to improve their workflow, sharpen their digital fluency, and cultivate greater well-being.

Assessment – Culture of Productivity

This in-depth assessment measures the productivity of your intact team, business unit, or entire organization. We assess your performance around our five elements of productivity.

Assessment – Interview Findings

This detailed assessment focuses on a specific need, topic, skill, or situation where you have an opportunity to increase performance and productivity.

Program Overviews

Culture of Productivity Program Overview

Effective Communications and Meetings Overview

Strategic Team Planning Overview

Team Accountability Program Overview

Cultivating Accountability Overview

Productivity Academy Overview

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“Being invited to participate in the Objective Accountability Program has been the greatest opportunity I could have been given as a leader in our organization. This has been an incredible journey of self-reflection and learning that I would not have missed for the world. This process has transformed me as a leader and has also transformed how I show up in my personal life as well. My journey is not over yet and I am excited to see where we go from here.”

Karen Vitgenos, Boulder County

“We didn’t want to read a manual or sit in a room and learn features and benefits. We wanted to tell a consultant how we live our daily lives and goals and have them customize a strategy for using Microsoft Teams.”

Manager, Fortune 500 Company

“I felt my life was completely controlled by emails, hallway conversations, and meetings. I was not in charge of making progress toward my goals. Now at least I know I can do something about it.”

Senior Manager, Transportation Company

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