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About MPS

McGhee Productivity Solutions (MPS) is a consulting firm specializing in creating cultures of productivity at the organization, team, and individual levels of companies. Founded in 2003 by pioneer in productivity and author of Take Back Your Life!, CEO Sally McGhee, MPS has helped thousands of clients from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized businesses optimize their productivity and deliver measurable, sustained results. Based in Denver, Colorado, MPS has rapidly grown to have global presence, serving clients around the world. 

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Our Productivity Philosophy

MPS has a strong philosophy about what makes a culture productive, centered around five specific disciplines:  Alignment, Accountability, Workflow Management, Digital Fluency and Well-being. We believe that for organizations to be truly productive, they must be aligned across these five areas, with positive behavioral change through internal paradigm shifts. 




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Why MPS?

MPS has grown to serve companies around the world, and 85% of our business comes from positive client referrals. What makes our productivity consulting so unique and effective? 

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Productivity is a Commitment. A Process of Practice and Learning.

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