One-Hour Courses

Our one-hour courses provide a solid starting point for your learning journey around our programs. These sessions introduce our essential models, beliefs, and technology tips that can transform productivity. They are interactive and engaging. They are typically delivered virtually on your webinar platform or ours.






One-Hour Course Topics

Introduction to Take Back Your Life!
Take Back Your Life! Refresher (grads only)
Getting Email to Zero
Introduction to Productivity and Collaboration Essentials with Microsoft Teams
Productivity and Collaboration Essentials with Microsoft Teams Refresher (grads only)
Introduction to Microsoft OneNote
Introduction to Microsoft Teams
Making Meetings More Productive
Introduction to Cultivating Well-Being
Cultivating Well-Being Through Greater Focus
Cultivating Well-Being Through Greater Energy
Cultivating Well-Being Through Greater Balance
Breaking Old Habits
Introduction to Concise Correspondence
How to Disconnect for Meaningful Vacations
Productively Working from Home

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“The length was perfect, not too short, not too long.”

Graduate, Introduction to Navigating Change

“This pairs well with Take Back Your Life!”

Graduate, Introduction to OneNote

“I learned some great tips for taking better care of myself, personally and professionally.”

Graduate, Introduction to Cultivating Well-Being

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