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Our Training solutions support you in creating a sustainable culture of productivity through tactical courses that teach essential skills for getting the right things done. These virtual or on-site courses include our flagship Take Back Your Life!, Take Back Your Life! Grad Series, Productivity and Collaboration Essentials for Microsoft Teams, and One-Hour Introductory Courses.

Take Back Your Life!

This course supports you in learning sustainable models, behaviors, and technical skills for getting the right things done. You will learn essential skills for building a high-quality to-do list, managing projects, actions, and reference, more effective communication, and thinking more strategically. The result is greater alignment and focus working on the most important things and letting the rest go—all while maintaining work/life balance. Our standard course is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, but it can be tailored to Google G Suite.

Take Back Your Life! Grad Series

This series builds on the Take Back Your Life! foundation and dives deeper into complementary productivity and well-being topics. Options include Tack Back Your Life! Refresher, Breaking Old Habits, Personality and Productivity, Integrating Microsoft OneNote, Concise Correspondence, and Productive Project Coordination.

Productivity and Collaboration Essentials

This course is a deep dive into the best approaches, models, and technology tips for using Microsoft Teams. You’ll learn how to identify limiting and positive beliefs to increase individual performance, productively use the powerful features of Teams to support your team’s goals, effectively collaborate on projects, and align on team standards and guidelines that drive workflow. The result is increased accountability within the team and toward team goals, greater fluency with Teams functionality, and increased adoption of your investment in Teams.

One-Hour Introductory Courses

Our one-hour introductory courses provide a solid starting point for your learning journey around our programs. These courses are a great way to better understand your needs and the needs of your organization. These sessions introduce our essential models, beliefs, and technology tips that can transform productivity.

Program Overviews

Take Back Your Life! 8-Hour On-Site

Take Back Your Life! 4.5 Hour On-Site

Take Back Your Life! 4.5 Hour Virtual

Take Back Your Life! Grad Series

Take Back Your Life! with G Suite

Productivity and Collaboration Essentials

One-Hour Introductions

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“For me personally, Take Back Your Life! is a whole new way of managing my time, one that actually propels towards accomplishing my tasks and goals, versus spending my day responding to emails and then feeling disappointed that at the end of the day nothing actually got checked off of my list. Can’t recommend it enough!”

Deb McCusker

“Your course has been catalytic to incredible transformation to our office culture. In fact we regularly celebrate just how few emails we all have in our inboxes. My life has been forever changed!”

Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Admittedly, I was skeptical about spending 4 hours learning how to be productive… Your class was definitely worth the time investment, and I will definitely be using these tools on a daily basis.”

Director, Fortune 500 Firm

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