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We are experts in Microsoft Teams and how to use it more strategically and productively to get the results you want. Courses can be done stand-alone, or as a learning journey building on the productivity foundation in Take Back Your Life! to Microsoft Teams Essentials, then Collaborating in Microsoft Teams, and finally Making Meetings More Productive.

Microsoft Teams Essentials

If you have users just getting started with Teams—or have been using it for a while but haven’t moved beyond the basics—this course builds a solid foundation for learning the essential features and functions. They’ll learn how to use Teams more productively for chat and meetings, how to reduce notification distractions, how to capture actions so nothing falls through the cracks, and see the possibilities for integrating native Microsoft apps, managing projects, and managing recurring meetings. They’ll leave the course more digitally fluent in the functions of Teams that matter most to get things done. One-hour virtual.

Collaborating in Microsoft Teams

This course is a deep dive into the power of Microsoft Teams for collaboration. Participants will explore which tool for which purpose among the many choices they have, see the potential of Teams by setting up a practice site to manage projects, eliminate gaps in their workflow by learning how to integrate OneNote, Planner, and Outlook, and collaborate more effectively on documents by learning best practices for file sharing. The course is hands-on and interactive. The Microsoft Teams Essentials course is recommended prior to this course, but not required. Two-hours virtual.

Making Meetings More Productive

This workshop tackles meeting fatigue by focusing on what makes more productive meetings, including the decision-making model for whether or not to attend meetings, the keys for setting up productive meetings, setting up a practice site in Teams to manage recurring meetings for agendas, decisions, and actions, and aligning on meeting governance and guidelines so everyone is on the same page. The Microsoft Teams Essentials and Collaborating in Microsoft Teams courses are recommended prior to this course, but not required. Can also include leader coaching before the session to get alignment. Two hours virtual and on-demand in the McGhee Learning Center.

Productivity Pack for Microsoft Teams

The Productivity Pack includes a collection of over 25 short, easy to consume videos focused on effectively using Microsoft Teams, including learning essential features, creating project and meeting Team sites, and integrating Teams with Outlook. Available with the All Access and Grad/Essential Access Passes in the McGhee Learning Center. On-demand.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“I have taken three trainings with my own company about Microsoft Teams and this presentation way by-far the best explanation of what the Teams app does and why.”

Barbara M, The MITRE Corporation

“All of the topics were very insightful. I came into this class not knowing anything about Microsoft Teams.  I’m leaving with a bigger understanding of how it all works and what a helpful tool it will be to our company.”

Jason R., Technology Firm

“I feel the Microsoft Teams training was very beneficial! It is a great way to organize your professional life and family life. This is a great tool!”

James L., Software Company

“I work for a construction management company. We utilize Teams to manage individual projects based on who in our organization is working on certain projects. This training was very useful for me to understand how we can better leverage the Teams offerings for our purposes. ”

Anonymous, Construction Management

“This training would have benefited me long ago. Wish I had found you sooner!! Look forward to introducing this material to others.”

Anonymous, Technology Firm

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