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Our partners share our same passion to improve organizational productivity, technology implementation, and well-being. We partner with IT and business consulting firms to improve software tool adoption and increase alignment and accountability at the individual, team and organizational levels.

IT Service Providers

We take Microsoft tool deployments to the human level. We go beyond feature and benefit training and improve tool adoption by aligning users’ roles, teams, culture, and goals around new tool use. Your organization deploys the tool and teaches users what it is, we provide the change management strategy, buy-in, and environment to ensure it’s successfully adopted by end users.

With our consulting, your customers will get:

  • Proven change management programs to increase long-term tool adoption and user satisfaction

  • Executive and team management buy-in by aligning organizational objectives to tool usage adoption

  • Training with a focus on behavioral change and internal user paradigm shifts: aligning customized tool usage to roles and daily work, providing personal benefit and buy-in

Business Service Providers

We partner with other business service companies to provide complimentary, value-added services for their end customers. We offer a broad range of programs under our five productivity disciplines and can customize our programs to create synergy with your own work.

Our consulting can provide your customers with programs around:

  • Alignment: clarity and consensus on strategic goals and actions

  • Accountability: ensuring performance on the right goals and timeline

  • Workflow Management: optimizing the flow of information for individuals and teams

  • Digital Fluency: teaching the right digital skills for roles and organizational goals

  • Well-Being: ensuring personal goals are achieved in line with professional ones

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