Partner Program

We partner with Microsoft Channel Partners to improve software tool adoption and increase alignment and accountability at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Our partners share our same passion to improve organizational productivity, technology implementation, and well-being.

Our Work with Microsoft Channel Partners

We take Microsoft tool deployments to the human level. We go beyond feature and benefit training and improve tool adoption by aligning users’ roles, teams, culture, and goals around new tool use. Your organization deploys the tool and we provide the training to ensure it’s successfully adopted by end users.

How We Can Support You and Your Clients

  • Transition clients from Lotus Notes and G Suite to Microsoft 365

  • Activate more LVS client entitlements

  • Increase sales of MS technology solutions: consumption, adoption, and integration

  • Strengthen annuity relationships with your clients

  • Acquire different buyers within your accounts

  • Provide specialized education regarding productivity and the modern workplace

  • Provide immediately implementable client results

  • Tailor by role and outcome to end users

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Our partnership with Long View Systems

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