Making Meetings More Productive Course

This course focuses on the elements of more productive meetings, including the decision-making model for whether or not to attend meetings, the keys for setting up productive meetings, aligning your team on meeting governance and guidelines, and applying the best practices to Microsoft Teams. This course is also offered in a one-hour version called Meeting Essentials, without the integration of MS Teams.


Making Meetings More Productive Virtual is an interactive webinar led by one of our experienced consultants for your team or org. Hands on in Microsoft Teams for the technical part that covers using Teams for tracking meeting agendas, decisions, and actions.


Making Meetings More Productive On-Demand is a self-paced course offered through the McGhee Learning Center. 90 minutes. Not specific to Microsoft Teams, although we offer many on-demand resources for Teams users.

What’s Covered in the Course

The decision-making model for whether or not to attend meetings
When to call a meeting vs. send an email vs. send a chat
Keys for setting up productive meetings
Breaking the cycle of recurring meetings
Clarifying general vs. focused meetings
Deciding required vs. optional attendees
Getting the results you want by leading more effectively
Making meetings worth your time by how you participate
Tracking agendas, decisions, and actions in MS Teams

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“Asking questions about the meetings and applying them to current meetings helped me decide to eliminate one meeting that I don’t need to be attend.”

Recent Grad

“I was able to learn some great tricks and tips for MS Teams.”

Recent Grad

“Fantastic class. Very helpful.”

Recent Grad

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