Cultivating Well-Being Course

This course approaches productivity and performance through the lens of well-being. Participants will learn beliefs and approaches that contribute to greater well-being and productivity through better energy, focus, and balance. They’ll learn practical habit-building steps that are easy to adopt and support long-term sustainable wins. Offered in-person or virtual.

Key Learnings


Increasing energy by improving hydration, getting higher-quality sleep, and building in regular exercise and movement.


Improving focus by  reducing distractions, why multi-tasking doesn’t work, learning how to disconnect.


Creating better balance through self-reflection, learning how to be more present, and practicing gratitude.


Working with new, positive beliefs and habit-building steps that create meaningful results, personally and professionally.


Cultivating Well-Being Virtual is an interactive webinar course led by one of our experienced consultants for your team or through our public events. This course can be delivered virtually over 4, one-hour webinars, timed one month apart or in one single 4-hour session.


Cultivating Well-Being In-Person is led on-site at your organization, by one of our experienced consultants. 4 or 8 hours of coursework with a one-hour follow-up webinar one month later.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

““I was reminded of the importance of taking care of myself and remaining balanced.”

-Fortune 500 client

“This will help me be more present and focused.”

-Financial Services

“I learned the effect of stress on my body and professional life.”

Procurement Division

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