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Our Coaching solutions are tailored to high performance staff and leaders wanting to improve and develop productivity and leadership skills. These virtual or on-site sessions include our Executive 1:1 Coaching, Take Back Your Life! 1:1 Coaching, and 360 Performance 1:1 Coaching.









Executive 1:1 Coaching

This program is designed for high-performing leaders. Through a series of 1:1 meetings with a senior consultant, you will identify opportunities and potential to become a more effective, strategic, decisive, focused, balanced, and productive leader. You will identify patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that can be inhibitors to growth and performance. The result is a clear vision and tactical plan for stepping into being a better leader and change agent.

Take Back Your Life! 1:1 Coaching

This program supports you in learning sustainable models, behaviors, and technical skills for getting the right things done. You will work 1:1 with a consultant to learn essential skills for building a high-quality to-do list, managing projects, actions, and reference, more effective communication, and thinking more strategically. The result is greater alignment and focus working on the most important things and letting the rest go—all while maintaining work/life balance. This program is tailored to your role. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook or Google G Suite.

360 Performance 1:1 Coaching

This program leads you through a holistic approach to producing results, working in all areas of your personal and professional life. You’ll work closely with a senior consultant on key areas in your life where you would like measurable improvements, such as your career, relationships/family, community contributions, finances, health, and fun. By the end of the program, you will see measurable improvements in alignment to your personal and professional goals, as well as enhanced well-being and balance.

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Executive 1:1 Coaching

Take Back Your Life! 1:1 Coaching

Take Back Your Life! 1:1 Coaching + On-Demand Course

360 Performance 1:1 Coaching

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“I’m so much more on top of my work now, and I couldn’t have done it without my MPS Consultant’s expertise, kindness, great questions, and fantastic coaching skills. They helped me to find and overcome the sticking points unique to me and also recognize this as a process and practice with many possibilities in its application.”

360 Performance 1:1 Coaching Grad

“I would HIGHLY recommend 1:1 coaching to anyone who is interested in getting life long lasting results to a complete, balanced life. Wish I would have done this program 10 years earlier….can’t imagine how much more productive I could have been!”

Executive 1:1 Coaching Grad

“Before I had my executive Take Back Your Life! 1:1 session, I felt out of control. I was working at night, on weekends, and my work day was full of interruptions. Now, I have a life. I have not stopped doing anything. I am just doing it differently. My calendar is now completely under control, and I work much less and get the same amount done. I reduced my time in meetings by 12 hours a week. The key to my success was having my executive assistant do the training at the same time I did, so we’re completely in sync. I highly recommend this program to every executive, their assistants, and their staff.”

Take Back Your Life! 1:1 Coaching Grad

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