Mitch Roberts

Mitch Roberts
Mitch RobertsSenior Consultant
“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” – Peter Drucker

You are awesome! You are uniquely gifted, worthy and capable to pursue big, audacious goals! You are made for connection and contribution.

These are the truths that Mitch likes to affirm in each person he encounters. Mitch brings over twenty years of diverse experience in Management, Corporate Culture and Team Building. He is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach and a gifted trainer. He has worked with a wide array of organizations from small non-profits to Fortune 100.

Mitch has particularly enjoyed facilitating workshops on Behavior Styles & Motivators. He is passionate about helping teams and individuals better understand their value and have more effective conversations. As an experienced business owner, Mitch is driven to see ROI generated from greater accountability and engagement, reduction in turnover and an increase in employee retention.

Mitch came to McGhee because he loves witnessing lives saved from stress, overwhelm and anxiety and transformed to feeling free, confident and in control.

Getting done what has been prioritized as most important – at work and in our personal lives.

I am enjoying a glass of wine my wife or hiking with my daughter or son.  I love TED talks and reading the latest breakthroughs in Positive Psychology.