Royann Schmidgall
Royann SchmidgallIT/Operations

Royann is a key member of our Shared Services team. As a certified Systems Administrator II, she keeps all of our IT infrastructure running smoothly. She also serves as a client coordinator, supporting our consultants in delivering work with excellence.

Roy has extensive background in technology, management, and operational consulting. Royann has a bachelor of science in psychology and a masters in healthcare administration. She is a superb problem solver and tackles issues with calm, clarity, and joy. She has a heart of service and is always on-hand to serve our staff and clients.

In her free time, Roy loves spending time with her family and friends, walking her joyful dog Cubby, and crocheting scarves, hats, and mittens that she donates to homeless shelters and other similar organizations.

Productivity means getting done what I set out to do. Even if I get side-tracked, which happens a lot in my role, if I complete or resolve what side-tracked me, I feel productive. I also feel very productive when I have helped others to complete their work and/or resolved a barrier they’ve encountered.