I read a very valuable article on LinkedIn recently entitled Optional or Operational, the Case for Great Training;  One of the key points made by the author, who happens to work for one of the world’s best known and beloved brands, was the importance of professional development for employees. He proposed the following; “to ensure employees can learn new skills and develop the behaviors that represent your desired workplace culture, training cannot be seen as optional—instead, it must be operationalized and embedded into the values system of the organization.”

In the article, he identified three key considerations to determine whether a training is operational, or may be considered optional. As a professional coach who offers productivity training and alignment facilitation to leaders and teams within enterprise organizations, I have incorporated the guidelines offered in the article to evaluate one of the most requested training programs that my organization offers and which I regularly facilitate called; Take Back Your Life!®.  I wanted to evaluate whether this program would meet the standards to be considered “operationalized”.  Below is my evaluation.

1. What shared organizational values are being communicated during this training experience?
It’s no secret that company cultures can vary on a broad scale, but productivity is a component that all companies should want to incorporate into their model.  Without fail, productivity impacts both timelines and the bottom line.  However, productivity training, such as Take Back Your Life!®, can also have an impact on the employee experience at an organization, by sending the message that you value your employees and want to promote a realistic work/life balance.  By providing staff training on time management and empowering your team to set boundaries, you have shared the company values of productivity and employee well-being.

2. How does this training experience help employees understand the “why” as well as the “how-to”?  The Take Back Your Life!® training program is designed to acknowledge and address “why” many people do not work at their optimum productive capabilities. Our facilitation includes recognizing and acknowledging individual limiting beliefs that have developed through our personal experiences.  We also include guidance on setting boundaries and understanding that it’s okay to say “no”.  Finally, we provide insight and share methods on how to avoid distractions that can impact productivity, before offering hands-on technology training that will support a more productive behavior shift.

3. How will this training further empower employees to deliver upon the organization’s mission, vision, and common purpose? The Take Back Your Life!® training program provides participants with the knowledge and tools to manage their time more effectively and efficiently, which is very empowering.  Also, being able to set boundaries that allow for a better work/life balance helps to avoid burn-out and stress– which can lead to negativity and a lack of enthusiasm toward the company’s purpose and vision.  Ensuring that leaders and their teams have the needed skills to prioritize projects and minimize distractions will support optimum results for the department and/or company and creates a win-win situation for all.

I am confident that our program meets the criteria to be considered an “operational” necessity for any organization, and am personally delighted to be able to positively impact so many individuals and companies through this training and my service.

If you’re company values productivity and wants to empower employees, let’s talk.