It’s hard to believe that July is already here and the year is officially halfway over. With 2018 on the decline, it’s important to take time this month to do a mid-year reboot. Studies have found that having clear set goals can increase performance and productivity by 14%; however, if you set your goals back in January, you’re probably not focusing on them as much as you were six months ago. A mid-year reboot can save you an abundance of time and energy in the long run, especially given people tend to waste 30% of their performance potential when they’re not focusing on their goals.

A lot can happen from the time you originally set your goals to now, so the main purpose of a mid-year reboot is to refresh your mind and revitalize your “why”. Here are a few ways you can reboot your mind, and make sure you finish the year strong.

Review the Goals You Set for the Year

Revisiting your big-picture goals will help you ensure that the work you’re doing on a daily basis is aligned with them. If you revisit your goals and find that some of your day-to-day work isn’t helping you work towards achieving at least one of your goals, it’s time to think about delegating those tasks. Additionally, make sure your goals are SMART.  Goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound are not only much easier to stay on track with compared to broad or vague goals, but you’re also much more likely to get them done.

Find an Accountability Partner

The American Society of Training and Development conducted a productivity study and found that you have a 65% higher chance of achieving a goal if you commit to it by telling someone about it. Even better, your chances of completing that goal increase to 95% when you set an accountability appointment with this person. Confiding in someone about your goals can be intimidating, but research has proven it’s well worth it. Holding yourself accountable isn’t always easy, so finding an accountability partner is just a simple way to further commit to your goals.

Assess Your Habits—What is and What is Not Working

Take a critical look at your habits, both big and small. Are you taking time each week or month to review your big-picture goals? Are you completing a clearing the mind exercise each day? How many collecting points do you have? Asking yourself straightforward questions like these will allow you to view yourself more critically, showing which habits you need to keep and which ones you need to curb. Half of the tasks you do in a day are things you do without thinking, so it’s important to be aware of your hindering habits and to make a conscious effort each day to break them.

Celebrate What You Have Accomplished

When reflecting on the past half-a-year, notice the things you have been able to accomplish and celebrate them. Whether you celebrate by giving yourself a pat on the back, treating yourself to a reward, or doing a happy dance—do something to acknowledge the success you’ve had so far. Celebrating your success reminds you of why you set goals in the first place, and it pushes you achieve everything else you’ve set out to do. With that being said, make sure to celebrate others’ successes too, as research has found that 83% of employees think recognition is more important than cash. No matter how big or small a milestone is, it deserves to be celebrate nonetheless.

Conducting a mid-year reboot is another step towards being a more productive person. These techniques will allow you to be more conscious towards your goal progress, as well as your limiting behaviors, giving you the chance to finish 2018 as strongly as you started it. If this mid-year reboot seems unachievable, or if you feel that you’re unable to reflect on yourself unbiasedly, contact us today to learn more about our Take Back Your Life: Breaking Old Habits program.