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Take Back Your Life® is one of the cornerstones within the Workflow Management discipline. It enables Microsoft Outlook and Google Suite users to make measurable improvements in their personal productivity by blending theory, technology, and behavioral change. This program provides practical application that is immediately implementable. By the end of the session, participants will experience a renewed sense of control with their most important objectives, projects, and tasks. The result is more focus, relaxation, and a greater emphasis on work-life balance.
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Hear What Some TBYL Graduates Have to Say About the Course

“Your course has been catalytic to incredible transformation to our office culture. In fact we regularly celebrate just how few emails we all have in our inboxes. My life has been forever changed!”

Joseph L., Fortune 500 Consulting Firm

“This class not only changed my professional life, it has helped me manage my personal life as well.  I’m now carving out time for fun with family and friends!  I would highly recommend the Take Back Your Life class to anyone who feels their schedule, email, and to-do list are out of control.”

Patricia Harris, IHS Markit

“I started using TBYL in Nov 2007 and in nearly 10 years I haven’t missed one weekly review – every time I do one i get a buzz. I can’t tell you how much it has done for me and my family – amazing!”

Anonymous, HJ Heinz

“For me personally, it is a whole new way of managing my time, one that actually propels towards accomplishing my tasks and goals, versus spending my day responding to emails and then feeling disappointed that at the end of the day nothing actually got checked off of my list. Can’t recommend it enough!”

Deb McCusker, Youth for Christ International Ministries

TBYL Results

Decrease Overall in the Emails Stored in the Inbox
Increase in Time Spent on Important Objectives
Overall Improvement in the Perception of Work-Life Balance
Decrease in the Amount of Emails Received Each Day

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