It may sound like bragging, but I have the best job in the world. “Why?”, you may ask. I will share that with you, not so you’ll be jealous, but so that you see that at McGhee Productivity Solutions, we practice what we teach.

Our company culture reflects our mission. It’s a culture of support, encouragement, setting each other up to win, fierce conversations, coaching and empowerment. Everything that we are and do with clients comes from the inside of our company and radiates outwards. What we offer our customers has been piloted, experienced, refined, expounded upon and fortified within our company which allows us to truly walk the talk and know that every service we provide our clients is powerful and real.

In my experience, our mission statement says it all: “We empower individuals, teams and organizations to increase performance and work-life balance by creating sustainable cultures of alignment, focus, integrity and accountability.”

I started at MPS as an admin, and today, I am the Sales Manager. My esteemed colleagues and the Leadership Team, especially, our CEO, Sally McGhee, inspire me to be more than I ever saw myself being. MPS allows me to feel comfortable, capable, excited and empowered and has allowed me to grow through the company. My experience here has been like a flower. I was planted here as a seed and grew strong roots through my admin experience. My incredibly supportive and encouraging co-workers and managers empowered me to sprout, and over my 5 plus years with the organization, I have grown broad leaves and have flowered in different roles. My personal growth during my time at MPS has been one of the most beautiful aspects for me, in that I have truly bloomed. There have been thorns along the way, moments I have bled, but these moments always led to growth opportunities and have made me stronger, all with the support of my bosses and teammates.

Finding myself in the Sales Manager role is truly a reflection of our mission statement. As previously stated, I started as an EA and moved my way through the Operations department. My level of curiosity about other aspects of the company surpassed the role in Operations, even if my past experience did not. MPS holds a yearly Strategic Team Plan in which we celebrate, course correct and plan the coming year. I felt empowered to speak up and speak my truth, that I had doubts about where the company and I were heading. To be brutally honest, there was a moment where I thought I might be fired on the spot! That did not happen. MPS encourages those fierce conversations and gives us space to share. Two weeks later, I was offered the Sales Manager position.

Our CEO, Sally McGhee, has a unique ability to see potential in people before they see it in themselves. It’s a gift she teaches the rest of our team to share with all of our clients. It is a representation of our mission statement. We see the potential in people, and we empower them to be their best selves. At MPS, we are committed to enhancing the world one “flower” at a time.

We are small but mighty with an intention to change the world from the inside out.