Productivity and Collaboration Essentials Course

This course is a deep dive into the best practices for using Microsoft Teams to increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and drive better results.​ ​Offered in-person and virtual.

What to Expect

Increase in using Teams to support team goals
Increase in using Microsoft Teams to track actions​
Increase in creating easily searchable conversations
Increase in overall productivity using Microsoft Teams


Productivity and Collaboration Essentials for Microsoft Teams In-Person is led on-site at your organization, by one of our experienced consultants. 4.5 or 8 hours of coursework.


Productivity and Collaboration Essentials for Microsoft Teams Virtual is an interactive webinar course led by one of our experienced consultants for your team. 4.5 hours of coursework.

What’s Covered in the Course


Learn the key models for maximizing personal productivity​

Understand which tool best serves which purpose in the Microsoft environment​


Learn how to build a trusted system in Teams for communicating and collaborating​

Learn the key features and functions in Teams that will streamline your productivity​

Understand how to effectively manage discussions vs. decisions vs. actions​

Learn how to integrate Teams with Outlook to track goals, projects, and actions​


Learn the best practices for making meetings more productive

Learn how to align on standards and guidelines that will drive your team’s productivity

Overviews and Resources

Course Overview

Grad Series Overview

Case Study

Teams Survey Results

Shift to Collaboration Tools Whitepaper

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“I have taken three trainings with my own company about Microsoft Teams and this presentation way by-far the best explanation of what the Teams app does and why.”

Barbara M, The MITRE Corporation

“All of the topics were very insightful. I came into this class not knowing anything about Microsoft Teams.  I’m leaving with a bigger understanding of how it all works and what a helpful tool it will be to our company.”

Jason R., Technology Firm

“I feel the Microsoft Teams training was very beneficial! It is a great way to organize your professional life and family life. This is a great tool!”

James L., Software Company

“I work for a construction management company. We utilize Teams to manage individual projects based on who in our organization is working on certain projects. This training was very useful for me to understand how we can better leverage the Teams offerings for our purposes. ”

Anonymous, Construction Management

“This training would have benefited me long ago. Wish I had found you sooner!! Look forward to introducing this material to others.”

Anonymous, Technology Firm

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