Accountability creates high functioning work teams that are responsible, trusting, and direct. There are different levels of accountability that require different awarenesses and skills. MPS has a proven framework that supports a culture of accountability stemming from personal paradigm shifts to team approaches for tracking accountability to improve percentage of goals achieved.




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What does Accountability Provide?

Accountability Programs

Cultivating Accountability


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What to Expect From an Accountability Course


Increase in Prioritizing and Sequencing Initiatives


Increase in Breaking Down Barriers to Execution


Increase in Completing Goals That Have a Plan


Increase in More Effective Use of Time at Work

What a Few of Our Clients Have to Say

“The STP work has enriched my life in ways that opened up possibilities.  I am currently assisting the state in developing a new motor vehicle system – DRIVES.  The STP process and SLT team that I have been part of these past seven years enabled me to grow personally and professionally.  My work here at the state office challenges me in many ways and I am better prepared mentally and emotionally to deal with the challenges.”

Diana Hall, Government Agency

“Being invited to participate in the Objective Accountability Program (OAP) has been the greatest opportunity I could have been given as a leader in our organization. Attending the STP retreat each year gives me strength and rejuvenates me.  Knowing the organizations long term goals and where I fit into them helps me create my meaningful objectives and supporting projects.”

Karen Vitgenos, Boulder County Clerk and Recorders Office

“The Cultivating Accountability training has assisted me to recognize when I was blaming others so that I could then get myself to a more neutral viewpoint.  The solution focused questions we learned in the training support empowerment and encourages development in our staff as we hold them accountable for outcomes and their responsibilities.I have experienced growth in myself and others as these conversations become easier and more effective.”

Kay Carr, Boulder County Motor Vehicle

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Being Accountable is a Place to Come From, Not a Place to Get to.

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