Workflow Management

Workflow Management improves how information is received, processed, and acted on from both an individual and systems perspective. This exploration identifies paradigm shifts necessary for individual productivity transformation, which creates the most efficient processes in systems. The end result is more effective standards and protocols, effective communication across teams, and a greater sense of clarity and relaxation while accomplishing tasks.




Workflow Management

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What does Workflow Management Provide? 

Workflow Management Programs

Take Back Your Life! Grad Series


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Take Back Your Life! 1:1


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Take Back Your Life!


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Team Productivity and Collaboration


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What to Expect From a Workflow Management Course


Reduction in Emails Stored in the Inbox


Increase in Time Spent on Important Objectives


Increase in Time Being Scheduled on the Calendar


Increase in Overall Sense of Control at the End of the Day

What a Few of Our Clients Have to Say

“After taking Take Back Your Life! I was able to create some breathing room and capacity not just in my schedule but in my approach to work.  I was able to carve out time for the more important and strategic things, and because I had all of the information in one integrated system I could prioritize my time and know when to say “no” to new requests that didn’t support our team objectives.  This class not only changed my professional life, it has helped me manage my personal life as well.  I’m now carving out time for fun with family and friends!  I would highly recommend the Take Back Your Life class to anyone who feels their schedule, email, and to-do list are out of control.”

Patricia Harris, IHS Markit

“Results of this session exceeded my expectations. The personal consulting allowed me to use my time-management and organizational tools more effectively”.

Jerry Gross, Finance Company

“I “unplugged” completely for vacation and yes, email was empty upon leaving and empty again at the end of my first day back. WOOHOO! I mean really, when will this stop feeling like a huge victory? And how did I live my life without using tasks in Outlook up until 2016?”

Anonymous , Fortune 500 Consulting Firm

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