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Workflow Alignment

Effective workflow enables teams to cooperate and work together to support the most important strategic goals. Optimizing and standardizing workflows across teams reduces ineffective approaches and sets the foundation for a broader culture of productivity. Creating culture change starts with leaders and key stakeholders aligning on specific protocols that make the biggest impact on the team or division’s workflow management and goals. By standardizing procedures related to workflow, this program fosters a more efficient culture with better communication and higher goal achievement. This scalable program helps to create sustainable behavioral changes that increase productivity.
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Workflow Management

Digital Fluency



What You’ll Learn

Hear What Some Workflow Alignment Graduates Have to Say About the Course

“The reviews from the team have been very positive and everyone is excited to begin using our new skills. The details around the subject matter were very spot on.”

Mike A, Fortune 500 Hospitality Company

“I have learned a set of simple but powerful tools to managing my daily life. I felt my life was completely controlled by emails, hallway conversations, meetings, and I was not in charge of making progress toward my goals. Now at least I know I can do something about it.”

Anonymous, Transportation Company

“This class has been amazing for my work-life balance! I loved that we would learn how to do something and work through some hands on exercises to make it
happen right in the class. We didn’t have to return to work and remember how to do something”.

Anonymous, Fortune 500 Hospitality Company

Workflow Alignment Results

Decrease in the Number of Hours Spent in the Inbox Daily
Increase in Time to Work on Strategic Initiatives Each Week
Decrease in Checking Email During Days Off
Increase in Sense of Control at the End of the Work Day

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