The journey of increasing productivity does not end at the office. In order to be truly productive, personal goals and wellness must be fostered in support of professional ones. MPS focuses on programs that improve overall wellness across work and personal life, supporting well-rounded and healthy individuals.




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What Does Well-Being Provide? 

Well-Being Programs

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What to Expect From a Well-Being Course


Increase in Self-Confidence


Increase in Communication Skills


Decrease in Workplace Conflict


Increase in Disconnecting on Days Off

What a Few of Our Clients Have to Say

“My work with MPS has helped me gain control of my workload and my schedule. I also learned the importance of clearly defined objectives. It is very powerful to know how to use technology to improve my personal and professional life.”

Debra Niesen, Vice President, Mercury Companies

“My MPS consultant has helped with everything from group communication to sales situations, to individual situations, to leadership opportunities, to problem personnel situations, to recruiting and beyond. There isn’t a people-oriented business subject I wouldn’t cover with him — I always come away from my coaching interactions with both food for thought and actionable plans I can put into motion.”

Tim Enwall, Tendril Networks, Inc.

“This course profoundly changed the way I work. During recent performance reviews, I got the same comment from several of my direct reports: ‘I appreciate working with somebody who is on top of the issues and doesn’t let the details go by’. ”

Paul, Sr. Director of Engineering, Adobe

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