Client Perspectives

McGhee Productivity Solutions has had amazing success working with numerous Fortune 500 clients and other small to mid-size companies, increasing their productivity and work / life balance at the individual, team and organizational level. 

We invite you to explore our results through the perspective of our clients. Learn more about who we are and the results we produce with the companies we partner with.


Paul Gubbay - Sr. Director of Engineering

"This course profoundly changed the way I work. During recent performance reviews, I got the same comment from several of my direct reports: 'I appreciate working with somebody who is on top of the issues and doesn’t let the details go by."

Alcon Laboratories

Jan Hughes - Executive Assistant

"I recently took the Take Back Your Life class and had a wonderful time learning new things that I could do to make my work life and the rest of my life less complicated. The session leader was a great communicator. Listening to him, I realized I've been on the right track with some organizational ideas, but there were ways to improve and enhance them. I also learned how to use Outlook's TaskPad in a useful way. I had always seen the TaskPad as just another 'to-do' list, and I don't need another 'to-do' list. This class showed me how to keep up with my goals and responsibilities as well as the staff of six whom I assist. What a change it made."

Avanade, Inc.

Angela Miele

"I’m so much more on top of my work now, and I couldn’t have done it without McGhee’s expertise, kindness, great questions, and fantastic coaching skills. They helped me to find and overcome the sticking points unique to me and also recognize this as a process and practice with many possibilities in its application. I’m just so thrilled with the experience and am looking forward to continuing this practice and seeing more amazing results."

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Jeff Raikes

"This is the most useful program I have ever participated in for mastering my productivity."

Ericsson Corporation

Maria Ibarra - Manager

"I don't recall ever taking a seminar that was so clear and easy to put into practice. I compare it to the effect of reading a book versus listening to a song: the first can take months to finish and (hopefully) put into practice, the second only takes minutes to hear and can move you profoundly. TBYL has helped me be much more organized."

Fortune 500 Company


"I have been using the Integrated Management System daily since taking the TBYL training three weeks ago. The past three weeks have been, by far, the most productive weeks since joining this company almost six years ago. Not only do I have a better handle on the items driving my objectives, I feel like I have less stress and more work/life balance as well. I recently talked with a co-worker who said, 'I can’t afford to take a full day out for training'. My response? You can’t afford NOT to take a day out for this training, it will truly change the way you work and live your life."

Fortune 500 Company

Oil Company Executive

"This change of life approach has freed up much of my time. Now I have more time to spend on the out-of-the-box ideas rather than the inbox."

Frito Lay

Teri Costello

"I'm just amazed at how much more time I have to do the things I want to do by using this system. My first goal was to empty my e-mail inbox every day. It is so liberating to not have 5,200 e-mails staring back at me. Because it was liberating, it was a little difficult not to get back into the addiction of answering e-mails as they came in, but I forced myself to only check them every hour. Now I'm down to 3 scheduled times per day and it feels great! My second goal was to get organized in Outlook. I got my objectives ironed out and entered and tweaked my baseline calendar. I love having goals broken down to the SNA level because they seem easy to do. Plus, I get such a sense of accomplishment now that I can see the things I'm getting done each week. My next goal is to really get in the habit of using the PASS model. I'm getting better at it, now that I'm slowing down. I swear the number of e-mails I'm getting has already decreased because I'm becoming more effective with my communication. I'm so excited about the program that it's rubbing off on my co-workers. My boss and two others are signed up for a class and our director is looking into how it can be done as a group education instead of one by one. This is really life changing if you are open to it!"

Georgia Pacific

Sean Fallmann - President, North American Consumer Products

"TBYL has been a game changer for my team and me. My directs and I are more prepared, making our meetings and one-on-one's more strategic, keeping the strategic issues in proper priority, and forcing more discipline on dealing with or delegating the tactical/urgent issues that often cloud our day. I have more energy, time, and creativity to direct toward realizing our goals. The majority of my staff is now actively engaged with TBYL and realizing the benefits with their own teams. I would highly recommend the Take Back Your Life program to any executive and their administrator looking to create a powerful partnership based on alignment, focus, integrity, and accountability. It has changed the way we do business."

GizmoFish, LLC

Daryl Rinaldi - Owner

"Now that I, as the owner, am more accountable and predictable in my actions, I can expect that of my team and make that more a part of the corporate culture. Hard to inculcate those values or insist on that behavior when you don‘t model it yourself."


Julia Plunkett, Buyer Associate

"Eliminate "to do" lists.    Use my calendar to my advantage, instead of leaving it open for others to schedule time."

HJ Heinz

Chris Stockwell - Former Chief Procurement Officer

"I got so engaged, I went to several more sessions and had a lot of excitement coming out of it. We continued forward and my development needs became my department's: get more effective with e-mail, meetings, and objective management, etc. I had not seen any other tool nearly as effective as the methodologies McGhee offers via Take Back Your Life."

HJ Heinz

Ralph Latagliata - Associate Director Field Sales

"My team and I are totally engaged in this process. It has helped us all become more proficient in all areas. It has allowed us more selling time."

HJ Heinz

Steve Burk

"This is the first month I did my full monthly review. I have seen the benefits of laying out what I expect to get done during the month (and quarter) so that during the weekly reviews it all matches up and I can make sure I am working towards getting the right things done during the month. I feel as in control of my workload as I ever have and I’m also sure that I am getting the right things done. So thank you for your support. It’s helped me be a better employee, but much more importantly a better husband and father."


Brian Jeide - Technology Manager

"We saw an immediate and substantial improvement in our use of technical resources. From our executives to our support staff, we are far more in control of information today than when we began this process."

Insight Iberoamerica

Gabriela Mieri de Caraball - Executive Director

"As a result of working with Peter Felsmann at McGhee, I´ve obtained greater clarity in identifying the specific actions I need to complete in order to keep the folks in my organization inspired, committed, and enthusiastic. It is important for my team to be responsive beyond their limitations. On a personal level, I find myself inspired to bring my work to the next level of excellence, effectiveness, growth, and profitability."

Kenya Airways

Kevin Kinyanjui - Information Systems Director

"Based on my work with them, I would not hesitate to recommend McGhee Productivity Solutions. Their services are unique in terms of their approach, but also build on the existing technology infrastructure and people management systems."


Rob Thompson, Area Program Manager

"I have attended and given thousands of presentations and this is by far the best I have been a part of."

Major Computer Maker

Administrative Assistant

"I really enjoyed the class & plan on putting the 4Ds, the categorization/search on the task list, & the idea of managing e-mails in batches to immediate use.  I also plan on utilizing the weekly review concept & will make sure to schedule time to “pay myself first”."

Major Computer Maker

Administrative Assistant

"I am an administrative assistant rather than a sales rep.  However, I support about 45 reps and 6 managers.   

•    I get a lot of e-mails each day and manage a lot of lists and attachments.  I save so much in my outlook folders and you’d probably die to see how big they are.  I plan on working to reduce what is in there now and plan on not putting anything new in there.

•    I allow myself too many interruptions especially when that pop up tells me I have a new e-mail.  I am known for answering immediately and I see now that I need to change that so I do not spend that 3-5 minutes to re-focus myself on whatever I was doing prior to the interruption.  

There is so much more I got out of this class but those are the two big ones that will help me.  (Along with using the to-do list which I have never done!)

Thank you so very much for doing this!!"

Major Computer Maker

Business & Market Development

"I am very impressed and found this very helpful!  I have a process and routine that will better help me be efficient, focused and successful!"

Major Computer Maker

Business Development Manager

"This was the best class I have ever taken on productivity. I feel energized that I have a plan to meet my goals and have tools to set my priorities to achieve them. It would not have been the same without you walking us through the tips and setting Outlook up for efficiency. This was well worth my time."

Major Computer Maker


"I wanted to personally thank you for this course today.  I have a crazy schedule with long days and back to back meetings…frankly it was getting out of control and causing a lot of stress for me.  In the 4 hours I spent with you I could feel the stress lifting as I could see a path forward to gaining control of my calendar, actions items and linking everything back to the goals.  Just turning off the ghosts and chimes was a huge change for me that allowed me to focus and not have the constant interruptions and reactivity of my day.  Your coping strategies will help me “Take Back My Life” so that I am more valuable to my company and more available to my family on a daily basis.
I will make sure my team all take this course as mandatory."

Major Computer Maker

District Sales Manager – Consumer Market Sales

"I cannot express how excited and committed I am to applying all of what was taught to my business and personal life.  The content of the presentation, handouts and the personal delivery were absolutely top notch.  Bravo.

What impacted me the most:
-    Living in the task and calendar pane.  I can now keep ALL of my notes, documents, emails and more tied to the project, in ONE convenient spot.  I truly believe this will allow me to execute my projects in a more timely manner but also increase the quality of them.

-    Being able to drag and drop tasks to my calendar.  This will allow me to be more organized and time effective but also cut my weeks planning time in half."

Major Computer Maker

Enterprise and Public Sector

"Thank you for an excellent session today.  Rather than point to one or two specific learnings, I will tell you that I now feel empowered by the fact that I can learn to be more productive instead of hoping it will happen."

Major Computer Maker


"Let me say how much I enjoyed the “Take Back Your Life” session.  I have been working on getting my Outlook set up all week and have totally cleared out my Inbox.  What a great feeling!!  Also, I was able to share my thoughts at an extended staff meeting this week and several folks in my organization are excited to take the class.  

Thanks again for the wonderful class."

Major Computer Maker


"I can honestly say that in my career this is probably the one training class that I have truly been engaged with. My team did this training last year and I was not able to participate at that time. I hope that I can put these best practices into use as I’m completely overloaded and have been struggling with work/life balance.

Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll see an improvement over my 3k+ emails in my inbox!"

Major Computer Maker

Onsite Customer Service Engineer

"A very useful course.

I am a Field Engineer/Team Lead. My daily challenges are managing time for onsite service events as well as managing my service delivery team requests. I do not always have a lot of time within my day to dedicate to organizing for the future and my inbox can start to spiral out of control.

This will definitely help me to now filter, organize and categorize my tasks."

Major Computer Maker

Reseller Operations

"The Virtual TBYL course was great, and you provided many great tips on time management.

The tasks/categories will be very helpful in managing my inbox."

Major Computer Maker

Sales Manager

"This class was perfect timing as I could relate to the principals but your instruction showed me how to manage it all on outlook rather than tons of different holding areas between outlook and paper.

Thank you…I will strongly suggest the rest of my team take this course."

Major Computer Maker

Strategy & Business Operations

"I certainly got a lot out of the TBYL approach.  Beyond my own productivity I’m very energized by the impact I believe that this training will have on our business and am glad that we’re partnering here to make that a reality."

Major Computer Maker

Strategy & Business Operations

"First of all, just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Take Back Your Life training. There were some really great tips and learnings there which I’m definitely already applying (and others I’m going to very soon). I especially liked how detailed it went into the actual Outlook tweaks and settings."

Major Financial Institution


"With Sally McGhee’s approach to work/life balance and productivity, I’ve freed myself from the constant bombardment of e-mail and distractions. Her methods made me a better leader and increased my team’s effectiveness."

Major Financial Institution

IT Manager

"As an IT manager, my team and the bank at large depend on me to deliver in a dynamic environment filled with information and priorities. I am not only more productive in the true sense of the word at work, but I also have greater balance in my personal life as well. Thank you McGhee for an integrated management system!"

Major Financial Institution


"Improving productivity is one of the most important business imperatives we have today. This class is filled with practical, simple steps to organize your personal and work life. Everyone can use it!"

Major Technology Company

Director of Operations

"Not only do I have a better handle on the items driving my objectives, I feel like I have less stress and more work/life balance as well. I recently talked with a co-worker who said, ‘I can’t afford to take a full day out for training.’ My response? You can’t afford NOT to take a day out for this training, it will truly change the way you work and live your life."

Major Technology Company


"The workshop helped me to develop my strategic objectives in life and prioritize my projects and actions around them so I can focus more on doing the right things."

Microsoft Corporate


"The new TBYL 4Outlook Add-in is very easy to use and a real time-saver. It’s small, simple, works great, and continues to grow on me!"

Microsoft Corporate


"Thank you so much for taking the time to show me the skills to Take Back My Life! I had a very relaxing weekend for the first time in weeks, and I know it’s because I had the tools to leave work at work. The TBYL 4Outlook Add-in has helped me use the system to its full advantage and it’s turning into second nature. I feel on top of everything and love how the entire TBYL methodology allows me to brain dump all of the crazy tasks in my head into an organized way that lets me actually complete everything."

Microsoft Corporate


"I have used your Outlook course and it has improved my proactive workload immensely. It took some time and effort to do it, but I love having an empty and organized inbox. What it does for my productivity is amazing. I am using the tools you have taught me and it couldn’t be working better."

Microsoft Corporate

Dirk Hamstra

"The specialists in this field, bar none, are McGhee Productivity Solutions."

Microsoft Corporate

Doug - Executive

"Initially, I was apprehensive about conducting the session remotely, but after we got into it, it felt totally natural. The consultant did an excellent job addressing the areas I requested help with. Our session allowed me to close the loop on areas that I had not fully executed. During the session, I put things in action. One example was alphabetizing my 'SNA Waiting For' list. The other was making my categories/tasks visible in the lower left corner when reading my e-mail. Both sound trivial, but doing that has saved me a great deal of time in reducing steps (e.g. flipping between screens and scrolling). Plus, it improves my job satisfaction because of the added convenience."

Microsoft Corporate


"I recently participated in the Take Back Your Life class and must say, I LOVED IT. My mind is clearer because I am better organized. I am able to accomplish so much more, with so much less stress. I leave work knowing that I began my day with goals and ended it with accomplishments. I feel empowered on my way home rather than drained. I plan to incorporate this system into my personal life and look forward to the progress that will create. I was so motivated to change when I left the class. I find that I have even changed the way I speak: I have replaced the 'not(s)' and 'no(s)' with 'will(s)' and 'be(s)'! The tips and methods we learned in the class are truly wonderful."

Microsoft Corporate


"I’ve adapted and refined your system over the years to tailor it to my specific needs, but the core lesson/strategy is still there – do it, delegate it, delete it, defer (and schedule) it. It’s a litmus test that I can apply to everything that crosses my desk and lets me balance my work and personal life much more effectively than I did before. I’m more predictable and believable than many of my colleagues because I make the time to do what I say I will do and am up-front when I can’t do something (because of higher priority things) for someone else that they would like me to do. It’s a key differentiator in my environment and 'integrity' has become a core value of mine as a result. Thanks for the incredible (and amazingly simple) concepts that have literally changed my life."

Microsoft Corporate


"I have learned a set of simple but powerful tools to managing my daily life. I felt my life was completely controlled by e-mails, hallway conversations, meetings, and I was not in charge of making progress toward my goals. Now, I can do something about it."

Microsoft Corporate


"I finished the TBYL class today and I feel so empowered to make changes and manage my productivity instead of feeling overwhelmed...this course should be mandatory for all new employees."

Microsoft Mexico

Adela Giral, Human Resources Manager

"Our work with McGhee has helped us change our operating paradigm as a leadership team. We started understanding what was standing in our way of reflecting certain values to our employees; things such as work-life balance, for example. We developed our agreements as a team, and I believe that was the trigger to all the successes we have had in these areas."

Microsoft Mexico

Maria Clara Malori, Director of OEM

"The STP exercise was very valuable for the OEM team as a secure space for reflection and self-critical exercise.  The team came out of the exercise with renewed enthusiasm and willingness to bring the team collaboration to the next level.

The facilitation of Peter was assertive and flexible enough, permitting a good balance in a well guided and self-driven  discovery process.

I am confident that the team will start acting and obtaining different results based on our new operating paradigm and guidelines for success, as well as with the support of McGhee follow-up methodology.

Thank you for a successful STP with the OEM team!"

Natural Health Clinic

Systems Analyst/Director of Network Operations

"Our leadership team reads a book each month on business. This month we are reading McGhee's book at my suggestion. I liked the idea of your book. It is not just a manual on 'how to use Outlook,' but a nuts and bolts book about how to really put the concepts to working for each individual."

Office Depot

Kellie Utterback - Sr. Human Resource Manager

"I made my goal of hitting 'zero' in my inbox this past Friday. While this is still an adjustment, I plan to stick with the system."

Safaricom Foundation, Kenya

Sanda Ojiambo - Corporate Responsibility Manager

"Working with McGhee helped me develop a system to ensure that I am on track with what I need to do to accomplish my objectives. My weeks are well planned with activities that contribute to my objectives, and I can track these at the end of each week. It’s amazing how an eight-hour session with the consultant can yield so much in terms of enhancing productivity."



"I just had the basic Take Back You Life workshop. I think what we learned here will really make a big difference. It could take a month to move this aircraft carrier around to a new bearing, but it will be worth the effort."

Texas State University, San Marcos

Seth E. Worley - Foundation and Corporate Relations

"I have been a Microsoft Office user for many years and consider myself fairly savvy regarding its nuances. I was therefore happily surprised to find the Take Back Your Life course more useful than I could have imagined. It gave me a great appreciation for the foundational rationale behind the Microsoft Office Suite's design, proving the suite offers sufficient complexity to accommodate the most demanding work scenarios, yet is simple enough that even a novice Office user can implement a system that makes sense. In the McGhee program, I was hearing very plain information on how to make the Microsoft Office tool set work for me. The McGhee course didn't require that I bend my own system into something unfamiliar. Instead, I learned (by doing) how to put my knowledge of planning, organizing, and prioritizing to work. I recommend this seminar without reservation and hope to attend more sessions again in the future."

Top Consumer Goods Company

Key Account Manager

"FOLLOWING THESE STEPS /RULES CAN HELP MAINTAIN A BETTER WORK LIFE BALANCE!  A reminder to myself: It is OK to schedule some of my Personal tasks during the will help "clear my mind" and make me more productive.  Clear my mind each day/morning by making a task list!"


Liz Ross - CEO and Global Chief Marketing Officer

"The Take Back Your Life system and executive coaching sessions have been amazing. This is not just another time management system. It is a detailed holistic approach that creates a paradigm shift about the way that you work. The system has allowed me to focus on my objectives and delegate projects in a manner that is fulfilling to both me and my team. As a result, I've found a significant amount of time to do the strategic thinking I need to grow my business and now have more time to spend with my family and friends."

TSG Finance


"Implementing the principles and tools taught in this course has improved my productivity and effectiveness significantly. I get more done, am more organized, and feel greater peace of mind. If only I had discovered these principles and applied Outlook’s powerful organizing tools earlier."

TYE Manufacturing Company Limited

Chad Lue Choy - General Manager

"Since using Sally’s system, Outlook is now so much more than just e-mail. I can attest that having the discipline and using this system has really improved the quality of my life. My mornings are no longer filled with bombarding attacks and feelings of apprehension, of what have I forgotten to handle. Instead, they are structured and the path of what needs to be accomplished each day, each week, each month is very clear. There is a feeling of calm confidence. Things get done. Very little 'falls between the cracks' anymore. It allows me to keep focus on the important things and gives me the courage to say 'no' to the less important. Simple tools, like the 4 D’s for Decision Making, drastically changed the way I manage e-mails. And while my inbox is still not completely down to zero, the size is much more manageable. On the corporate level, each manager uses it to varying degrees. The big advantage here is everyone understands the basics and the system provides a common platform on which we can all connect. Not only has it helped in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. I find I now have more time for family and friends. Weekends no longer 'fly by' unproductively. Plans are accomplished, be it some home improvement project or some personal relaxation/reflection down time. This productivity system has been an invaluable tool to allow me to take back control of my time and accomplish my priorities and it has vastly helped me to improve my work/life balance."

Votorantim Metals LTDA

Sebastião Balbino - Gerente de Concentrados

"The McGhee methodology has proven very useful to me. Being able to capture personal and professional action items quickly, easily, and in one location has freed my mind for more strategic work. I am also learning how to use the calendar to manage my time effectively. It seems obvious to me now, but I wasn’t doing it. I recall telling my consultant during my training that I couldn’t calendar vacation time due to too many commitments. He insisted. I calendared and I actually took my vacation!"