Team Accountability Program

McGhee Productivity Solutions’ Team Accountability Program (TAP) works in tandem with either an intact annual strategic team plan or MPS’ Strategic Team Plan to ensure proactive execution. This program puts an accountability system into place to ensure that annual goals are achieved. Managers and leaders will learn a proven system to empower their staff to initiate and participate fully in accountability conversations while staying on track with their objectives. Throughout the year, staff will report on progress weekly, monthly and quarterly using this objective system to stay accountable to goals, enabling them to focuses on their priorities rather than interruptions and inconsequential projects. Leadership has a structure to make real-time course corrections to achieve their most critical meaningful objectives.
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Hear What Some TAP Graduates Have to Say About the Course

“Over the course of seven years, I have observed, learned and lived the STP/TAP process. By accepting challenges, and being open to learning more productive and accountable ways to work through projects, I learned the value in planning, pausing to listen, course correcting, and renegotiating to achieve success. I am more organized, I manage my time more effectively, and I communicate with my team with more intention and clarity. “

Jennifer M., Government Agency

“The level of trust among this team has increased tenfold. They are open and honest with each other and hold each other accountable/responsible for their actions. This would not be occurring if not for the Team Accountability Program.”

Karen V., Government Agency

“My team and I are totally engaged in this process. It has helped us all become more proficient in all areas. It has allowed us more selling time.”

J. D., HJ Heinz

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