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McGhee Productivity Solutions’ Strategic Team Plan (STP) guides teams through a proven process to develop an annual strategic plan that inspires and motivates accomplishment. An MPS consultant helps guide leadership teams to create a strategic plan that reflects the company and team’s mission, vision and values and creates SMART goals and objectives for each member of the team. The process is sustainable year-after-year. This program is a unique experience in strategic planning because it focuses on celebrating wins, course-correcting what didn’t work in the past year and looking ahead to gain alignment for the coming year’s goals and objectives.
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Hear What Some STP Program Graduates Have to Say About the Course

“The Strategic Team Planning work has enriched my life in ways that opened up possibilities. This process that I have been part of these past seven years enabled me to grow personally and professionally. My work here at the state office challenges me in many ways and I am better prepared mentally and emotionally to deal with the challenges.  Goal setting, calendaring, setting my being to meet challenges, course correcting, taking responsibility for my actions and owning them, are a big part of what this program is all about. ”

Diana H, Government Agency
“This program gives people structure to help them make decisions. The easiest thing to do is to tell them to make it happen and not help them. Many leaders don’t do the prioritization work and don’t learn how people are spending their time. If you do, they get great coaching and deliver better results.”
Christopher Stockwell, HJ Heinz

“The Strategic Team Planning has helped me see first-hand the power of a vision, alignment, and planning in driving a team of this size, managing managers, and driving change in the organization.”

Larry Clark, Microsoft

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