Strategic Team Plan

Alignment is a critical element in a culture of productivity. When staff are in alignment with the organization’s goals, the team’s goals and their goals its powerful. This not always easy to do but when done creates a high-performing strategic team. The Strategic Team Plan( STP) focuses first on learning from the past year; reviewing celebrations, disappointments and productive course-corrections leading to much higher levels of accountability, understanding, transparent communication and connection. A Paradigm shift is created on how teams relate and works together. The teams then focus on alignment with the company’s mission, vision and values. Dropping down to team unifying goals and then individual specific goals. This process uncovers confusion, conflict and create more accountability, responsibility, and results.
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What You’ll Learn

Hear What Some STP Graduates Have to Say About the Course

“The STP work has enriched my life in ways that opened up possibilities. This process that I have been part of these past seven years enabled me to grow personally and professionally. My work here at the state office challenges me in many ways and I am better prepared mentally and emotionally to deal with the challenges.  Goal setting, calendaring, setting my being to meet challenges, course correcting, taking responsibility for my actions and owning them, are a big part of what this program is all about. ”

Diana H, Government Agency

“The STP program gives people structure to help them make decisions. The easiest thing to do is to tell them to make it happen and not help them. Many leaders don’t do the prioritization work and don’t learn how people are spending their time. If you do, they get great coaching and deliver better results.”

Christopher Stockwell, HJ Heinz

“The STP Program has helped me see first-hand the power of a vision, alignment, and planning in driving a team of this size, managing managers, and driving change in the organization.”

Larry Clark, Microsoft

STP Results

Decrease Overall in the Emails Stored in the Inbox
Increase in Overall Sense of Control at the End of the Day
Overall In Time Spent on Important Objectives
Improvement in the Perception of Work-Life Balance

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