Strategic Partners

We partner with innovative companies whenever possible to provide our clients with complete solutions that complement our services.

Some of our partners include:

NetCom Learning - NetCom Learning is an innovative leader in IT, business and executive training to companies, individuals, and government agencies, dedicated to promoting the values of lifelong learning. NetCom Learning has trained over 80% of the Fortune 100 and helped advanced the skills of more than 71,000 professionals. NetCom Learning's efforts at offering a customer-driven culture have resulted in building a trust factor that includes high instructor evaluations getting an 8.6 out of the 9 average. Their instructors have an average of 16 years of experience, and their courses have produced more than 1,700 client testimonials, with 96% of clients recommending their services. Their quality customized learning solutions have earned us the respect of the Learning industry, being named Microsoft's Worldwide Training Partner of the Year, Inc's 500|5000 fastest growing company and a Top 20 IT Training Company.

Microsoft - We work with Microsoft as our primary technology partner because the combination of their software solutions with our methods and protocols delivers high-quality productivity solutions that create extraordinary results. McGhee works exclusively with enterprise companies on Microsoft platforms.  Our methodologies leverage the latest versions of Microsoft Office Outlook, OneNote, and SharePoint and support Microsoft’s Future of Productivity strategy.  The Microsoft – McGhee partnership drives adoption and deployment of Windows and the Office suite and increases the ROI of these tools and their impact to business results and effectiveness.

Stephen McGhee Leadership - Stephen has generated business results in organizations for over 15 years. His approach to leadership involves powerful conversations where teams of individuals use integrity to lead with collaborative accountability. His Leadership Coaching and Team Unification processes are based in benchmarks and objectives that increase margins and enhance the experience of working together. We highly recommend Stephen and his work. 

Integral Assets Limited – Led by McGhee Consultant Licensee, Lanre Onasanya, Integral provides HR Consulting services to leading companies in Africa. With a vision that African solutions will solve Africa's problems, Lanre is fully focused on enabling individuals and organizations to improve their productivity, expand their possibilities and enable them to better serve their customers. With insight gained as a pioneer in setting up Microsoft in Nigeria and working across Sub-Sahara Africa within Microsoft in some of the le

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Texas State University, San Marcos

Seth E. Worley - Foundation and Corporate Relations

"I have been a Microsoft Office user for many years and consider myself fairly savvy regarding its nuances. I was therefore happily surprised to find the Take Back Your Life course more useful than I could have imagined. It gave me a great appreciation for the foundational rationale behind the Microsoft Office Suite's design, proving the suite offers sufficient complexity to accommodate the most demanding work scenarios, yet is simple enough that even a novice Office user can implement a system that makes sense. In the McGhee program, I was hearing very plain information on how to make the Microsoft Office tool set work for me. The McGhee course didn't require that I bend my own system into something unfamiliar. Instead, I learned (by doing) how to put my knowledge of planning, organizing, and prioritizing to work. I recommend this seminar without reservation and hope to attend more sessions again in the future."