2017 Invitationals: Register Now!

June 1st  - Denver, CO

Sept 15th - Denver, CO

Oct 6th - Irvine, CA registration coming soon

Oct 13th - Philadelphia, PA registration coming soon

Our invitationals are a great way to experience the Take Back Your Life session! Open to anyone, this public workshop will address key issues like: e-mail overload, effective communications, efficient reference systems, managing objectives and projects, handling interruptions, tracking delegated items and integrating personal and professional priorities.

March 17th - Washington D.C.

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HJ Heinz

Steve Burk

"This is the first month I did my full monthly review. I have seen the benefits of laying out what I expect to get done during the month (and quarter) so that during the weekly reviews it all matches up and I can make sure I am working towards getting the right things done during the month. I feel as in control of my workload as I ever have and I’m also sure that I am getting the right things done. So thank you for your support. It’s helped me be a better employee, but much more importantly a better husband and father."