Many companies have invested heavily in communications technology but are not yet able to gain all the benefits. The problem isn't the technology but the lack of education about its best, most productive use. Employees are drowning in a constant stream of information: e-mail, instant messaging, cell phones, pagers, and land lines. The key to leveraging technology investment is in educating employees on how best to use the technology to increase productivity.

We offer customized protocols that support cost effective education throughout an organization. These quick reference guides target improvement areas such as:

  • How to write effective, sufficient e-mails
  • Determining standard uses of the To, Cc, and Subject Lines
  • Creating an effective reference system using Outlook personal folders and SharePoint
  • When and how to use digital communication devices
  • How to conduct effective and efficient meetings

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"This change of life approach has freed up much of my time. Now I have more time to spend on the out-of-the-box ideas rather than the inbox."