One-Hour Course: Persuasion & Influence


Persuasion and Influence

This course explores the skills of persuasion and influence in the workplace and how they can be increased to improve leadership. When these skills are used effectively, credibility along with personal and team productivity are enhanced. This introductory webinar looks at the difference between persuasion and influence, and how each of them impacts communication, confidence, and authenticity within an organization.

Key Takeaways
• Understand the difference between persuasion and influence, and how they should be used
• Learn how different levels of persuasion and influence impact communication  and goal completion
• See the impact that persuasion and influence have on leadership styles

Length of Training

Approximately 1 hour of coursework

What You’ll Receive

  • Lessons will be available for 90 days after purchase
  • One-hour on-demand Managing Stress for High Performance course

1- One-hour on-demand course

2- Information on the presenter