Enhance Your Decision Making Abilities

A dynamic experience of Effective Decision Making, this On-Demand Lesson is an approach to making informed, well-reasoned decisions that lead to the achievement of desired outcomes, and ultimately, success. This On-Demand Lesson covers the entire decision making process in a professional environment, from the problem solving process to building the business case for making decisions, to exercises that allow application of the lessons learned.

Key Takeaways
• Understanding that all decisions should be made based on the achievement of some desired outcome or objective
• Learn why the rigor and complexity of the decision making approach taken should be commensurate with the significance and impact associated with the desired outcome
• See why two minds are better than one in the decision making process

Length of Training

Approximately 1 hour of coursework

What You’ll Receive

  • Lessons will be available for 90 days after purchase
  • Access to all Effective Decision Making handouts and course materials
    • On-Demand Lesson
    • Key learnings handout for reinforcement
    • Relevant Articles

Lesson 1: MPS Productivity Philosophy Overview

Lesson 2: One-hour on-demand Effective Decision Making Course

Lesson 3: Handout – Effective Decision Making

Lesson 4: Article – A Checklist for Making Faster Better Decisions

Lesson 5: One-Hour Webinar Course Options