Improve and Optimize Your Business Writing Skills

The Concise Correspondence On-Demand Course is designed to support the development of skill and competency in business writing. Intended for professionals at all levels, this course will provide tools and resources to optimize business correspondence.

This On-Demand Course is unique in that MPS provides practical application and resources to support participants in developing a competency of business writing, providing clear direction, and meaningful communication.  Using a blend of presentation videos, exercises, quizzes, and assignments, participants will practice tools and behaviors to improve, enhance, and optimize their concise correspondence.

Length of Training

Approximately 3 hours of coursework

What You’ll Receive

  • Lessons, Courses, and Quizzes will be available for 90 days after completing the course
  • Concise Correspondence Participant Guide
  • Helpful documents embedded throughout the course
  • Sustainability Materials
  • A certificate of completion

Lesson 1.1 – What is Business Writing?

Lesson 1.2 – Why is Business Writing Important?

Lesson 1.3- Overview of the 5 P’s for Business Writing

Lesson 2.1 – Knowing Your Purpose

Lesson 2.2 – Purposeful Business Writing

Lesson 2.3 – Putting Purpose to Work

Lesson 3.1 – Knowing Your Reader

Lesson 3.2 – Identify Your Audience (Empathy Mapping)

Lesson 3.3 – Putting Perspective to Work

Lesson 4.1 – Clarifying Points

Lesson 4.2 – Structuring Your Points

Lesson 4.3 – Checking Your Work

Lesson 5.1 – Effective Models for Communication

Lesson 5.2. – Conversational Language

Lesson 5.3 – Leveraging Outlook as an Effective Correspondence Tool

Lesson 6.1 – How to Effectively Edit Your Work

Lesson 6.2 – Email Etiquette

Lesson 6.3 – Putting Proof to Work

Lesson 6.4 – Conclusion and Course Evaluation