The pack includes all of the resources included in our Take Back Your Life! courses. The Complete Productivity Pack Collection gives you all of the information you need to set up your Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and OneNote to maximize your productivity each day. This Complete Productivity Pack Collection is perfect for anyone who is wanting a refresher on the Take Back Your Life! full course content. What this pack includes:

– PDF: 2016, 2013, 2010 Outlook technical instructions

– PDF: 2016 Mac Outlook technical instructions

– Video: The Integrated Management System

– Video: Turning off chimes and alerts

– Videos: Setting up Quick Parts

– Video: The Weekly Review

– Video: Using 1:1 Categories

– Videos: Managing and using tasks

– Video: Setting Outlook to open to your calendar

– Video: Setting your calendar to start on Monday

– Video: Outlook reference folders

– Videos: Saving Outlook server space

– PDF: Outlook shortcuts to boost productivity

– Video: Popular strategies for creating notebooks

– Video: Emailing pages and creating meeting notes

– Video: Inserting files and screen clips

– Video: Linking OneNote action items with Outlook

– Video: Effective search methods

– Video: Creating section groups

– Video: Docking OneNote on your desktop

– Video: Using the command bar

– Video: Creating Teams and Channels

– Video: Notification settings

– Video: Integrating Outlook with Teams

– Video: Using the Microsoft Teams mobile app

– PDF: Smartphone productivity apps

– PDF: Social media management

– PDF: Relevant articles

You will have access to this Productivity Pack for 90 days after purchasing it. You can access the materials as many times as you’d like during that period.