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Improve Your Productivity and Performance

For those that want to experience the breadth of the MPS online curriculum and resources at the greatest value, we offer our full library of content in one convenient pack, available for an entire year!  This includes our very popular Take Back Your Life! On-Demand Training, all of our Productivity Packs around Outlook, OneNote, and Teams, along with our general Microsoft Tool Training and one-hour courses focused on a wide variety of topics across our productivity disciplines.

We are constantly adding new content to our On-Demand Library on monthly basis, so purchasers get access to new content throughout their annual subscription as well!

Duration of Access

You will have access to all courses, lessons, and resources for 1 full year

What You’ll Receive

Lesson 1: Concepts and Methodologies

Lesson 2: Productivity Mindsets

Lesson 3: Leveraging the Outlook To-Do Bar

Lesson 4: Organizing Reference

Lesson 5: Organizing Action

Lesson 6: Processing and Organizing Tasks

Lesson 7: Processing and Organizing Email

Lesson 8: Prioritizing and Planning

Lesson 9: The Weekly Review

Lesson 10: Conclusion and Course Evaluation

Lesson 1.1 – What is Business Writing?

Lesson 1.2 – Why is Business Writing Important?

Lesson 1.3- Overview of the 5 P’s for Business Writing

Lesson 2.1 – Knowing Your Purpose

Lesson 2.2 – Purposeful Business Writing

Lesson 2.3 – Putting Purpose to Work

Lesson 3.1 – Knowing Your Reader

Lesson 3.2 – Identify Your Audience (Empathy Mapping)

Lesson 3.3 – Putting Perspective to Work

Lesson 4.1 – Clarifying Points

Lesson 4.2 – Structuring Your Points

Lesson 4.3 – Checking Your Work

Lesson 5.1 – Effective Models for Communication

Lesson 5.2. – Conversational Language

Lesson 5.3 – Leveraging Outlook as an Effective Correspondence Tool

Lesson 6.1 – How to Effectively Edit Your Work

Lesson 6.2 – Email Etiquette

Lesson 6.3 – Putting Proof to Work

Lesson 6.4 – Conclusion and Course Evaluation

– Facilitator Video: The Weekly Review

– PDF: Setting up your baseline calendar

– Video: Setting your Outlook to open in the calendar view

– Video: Setting your calendar to start on Monday

– Video: How to categorize a task

– Video: Using and benefiting from 1:1 categories

– Video: How to insert an email in to a task

– Video: How to update your category list

– Facilitator Video: The Workflow Model

– Resources and Videos: The 4 D’s for Decision Making

– Video: Cleaning flagged emails and completed tasks

– Video: Creating Quick Parts: PASS Model

– Video: Creating Quick Parts: LAS Model

– Video: Organizing Outlook reference folders

– Videos: Saving Outlook server space

– Video: Popular strategies for creating notebooks

– Video: Creating section groups

– Video: Emailing pages and creating meeting notes

– Video: Inserting files and screen clips

– Video: Linking actions from Outlook with OneNote

– Video: Effective search methods

– Video: Docking OneNote to your desktop

– Video: Using the Teams command bar

– Video: Creating teams and channels

– Video: Teams notifications and settings

– Video: Integrating action items in Outlook with Teams

– Video: Using the Microsoft Teams mobile app

    • Windows 10
    • Office 2019
    • Office 2016
    • Office 365

  • Effective Decision Making
  • Managing Stress for High Performance
  • All new courses that are added regularly