Project Description

The tools, tips, and tricks presented during the session are going to
greatly improve my productivity. I originally thought 8 hours for this
class was too much, but I never lost interest and the time flew by – well
done and much appreciated! – SVP, HR

A group of Corporate Human Resources leaders took the McGhee Productivity Solutions(MPS) Take Back Your Life!® (TBYL) program to improve their daily productivity and effectiveness delivering on strategic initiatives.

SVP of Strategy took a Take Back Your Life!® 1:1 Coaching session and found it highly beneficial, helping her to identify limiting beliefs, clear time for more strategic activities, delegate better and improve work-life balance. She recommended the course to both HR leaders and her peers in the Strategy group as many executives share the same pain points around competing projects, priorities, and timelines. Further, the TBYL program is built on customizing Microsoft Outlook usage around personal goals and projects. The intended result is improved team communication, higher quality meetings, and better delegation of tasks for executives.

An Executive Consultant from MPS delivered to the group of HR leaders over the course of eight hours. Attendees first analyzed their internal beliefs around productivity in relation to their professional and personal goals, and began the process of shifting their paradigms. From there, they re-built their Microsoft Outlook into an “Integrated Management System”(IMS), for collecting inputs into streamlined tasks and objectives supporting their annual goals. Finally, the team learned strategies for simplifying and standardizing their communication, improving delegation, and scheduling less, more effective meetings.

The program was very well rated by the HR group, receiving a 4.76/5 rating in attendee evaluations. Based on pre and post-program surveys, the team made substantial progress in the areas of time management and Outlook optimization, with recommendations to continue standardizing communication protocols across their organization further greater effectiveness.

  • An average of one less hour managing e-mail per day
  • An average decrease of 36 minutes per day managing interruptions
  • Standardized communication protocols across the team
  • Custom Integration Management Systems built in Outlook to support time spent on strategic projects