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Kristy Wanner

Kristy Wanner
Kristy WannerSenior Consultant
“Until lions have historians, hunters will be heros.” – Kenyan Proverb

Dr. Kristy Wanner is a professor, speaker, author, and senior consultant for McGhee Productivity Solutions in the Washington, DC area. Kristy brings extensive knowledge in health and psychology to organizations, and is an expert in human motivation and optimal performance. Her specialty is applying sport psychology and neuroscience principles to enhance workplace performance, facilitate sustainable change and drive business excellence. She is passionate about helping people create positive work environments as well as manage stress/energy levels for optional productivity, decision-making and creativity.

Prior to jumping into the business world, Kristy spent 3 years developing a nationally recognized prevention program where she engaged in program development, healthy policy reform and thought leadership on problematic gambling and related addictions. She then went on and worked as a professional counselor and sports psychology consultant at Westminster College for 5 years; specializing in stress management, substance abuse, group dynamics and team building. She brings elements of her experience in coaching, counseling and consulting to every project; and excels at helping organizations solve business challenges so they can grow, innovate and thrive in today’s global market.

Kristy holds a PhD. in Health Education & Promotion with an emphasis in Organizational Analysis and Change. She also holds master’s degree in counseling psychology, specializing in sport; both degrees were earned from the University of Missouri. She has been published in magazines and is a co-author of a book published by Oxford University Press.

Productivity to me is all about leveraging strategies for both performance and balance every day to achieve long-term success over a lifetime. It’s about finding your own rhythm and the ‘sweet spot’ between hard work, performance and rest/relaxation in various amounts within any given day/month/year.

Take Back Your Life Seminar and OneNote because I love to see how technology can enhance people’s lives and those ‘ah ah’ moments on people’s faces when they learn even the smallest thing that can enhance their sense of well-being and save them time.

I’m usually listening to audio books, watching Netflix, doing Yoga, or trying new restaurants and happy hour spots.