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Optimizing Take Back Your Life Series

Continue your teams’ Workflow Management learning journey using the Optimizing Take Back Your Life® (OTBYL) series to deepen skills, behavioral changes, and growth. Each course is tailored to the audience and skills that they most need to help them do their jobs, align with broader Professional & Learning Development strategies, and their career paths.
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Workflow Management

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Courses Offered

Hear What Some Optimizing Graduates Have to Say About the Courses

“The Project Coordination course is exactly what I have been expecting and waiting for from the new Manager standpoint. Having the software suite to have the potential to do ‘x’ amount of work is one thing, but showing us how to use the software suite to help us be more productive is priceless.”

Peter M., Fortune 500 Airline

“These Optimizing sessions are always great to build on prior sessions, refresh learnings and pick up new skills in other applications, like OneNote. It can be so easy to slip back into bad habits. Without these sessions, information from prior sessions can get lost. Wonderful classes!”

Anonymous, Fortune 500 Consulting Firm

“I was thrilled that during the class we set up the Notebooks and learned the search features. Also, refreshing me on my outlook task setup from the Take Back Your Life class has already led to a cleaner inbox.”

Jennifer T., Fortune 500 Consulting Firm

Optimizing TBYL Results

Decrease Overall in the Emails Stored in the Inbox
Increase in Overall Sense of Control at the End of the Day
Overall In Time Spent on Important Objectives
Improvement in the Perception of Work-Life Balance

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