On-Demand Learning

Self-paced learning on the McGhee Learning Center

Our McGhee Learning Center is a self-paced resource, with courses, lessons, discussion forums, and a robust resource library. It is an online learning platform providing on-demand content that accommodates different learning styles and schedules. Our Learning Center features the same high-quality course materials that our consultants deliver in-person or virtually, but in a user-friendly online interface that can be started and stopped at any time.

Whether you are reinforcing learnings from an in-person class, or starting a new learning journey with us, the McGhee Learning Center offers a wide variety of content types, resources, and reference materials to fit your needs.

Content is specifically designed to accommodate a wide variety of audio and visual learning preferences, with content ranging from interactive on-demand courses, technical videos for quick software improvement, and reference guides and videos to reinforce past learnings.

You’ll have a personalized dashboard to easily access your enrolled courses and related course materials. Start and stop any course at any time.

Access to the Center is available through your MPS Account Manager or through our online store.

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