Mission and Philosophy

We empower individuals, teams and organizations to increase performance and work/life balance by creating sustainable cultures of alignment, focus, integrity, and accountability.

Our philosophies are rooted in the principles of Be-Do-Have, which enables dramatic, long-term changes in behavior and results. We live in a results-oriented world where our energy is typically focused first on what we want to have, then what we have to do to get it, in order to then be someone or get somewhere. In reality, when you start with the end in mind, how you want to be as an individual, team, or organization shapes your actions and ultimately delivers more powerful results.

Transformation, by its nature, is a permanent shift with no going back. We are committed to helping you transform how you execute your life and work strategies from the inside out, with new theories on what being more productive really means and how to achieve new levels of alignment, focus, integrity and accountability.

At McGhee, we practice what we preach. Our culture embodies conscious business principles and our values reflect both who we want to be and what we seek to accomplish:

  • Integrity, sustainability, and simplicity 
  • Be unattached and serve the highest good 
  • Innovation and Customer ROI
  • Quality and consistency
  • Work/life balance
  • Accountability
  • Generous Communication
  • Authenticity
  • Profitability

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Client Perspectives

TYE Manufacturing Company Limited

Chad Lue Choy - General Manager

"Since using Sally’s system, Outlook is now so much more than just e-mail. I can attest that having the discipline and using this system has really improved the quality of my life. My mornings are no longer filled with bombarding attacks and feelings of apprehension, of what have I forgotten to handle. Instead, they are structured and the path of what needs to be accomplished each day, each week, each month is very clear. There is a feeling of calm confidence. Things get done. Very little 'falls between the cracks' anymore. It allows me to keep focus on the important things and gives me the courage to say 'no' to the less important. Simple tools, like the 4 D’s for Decision Making, drastically changed the way I manage e-mails. And while my inbox is still not completely down to zero, the size is much more manageable. On the corporate level, each manager uses it to varying degrees. The big advantage here is everyone understands the basics and the system provides a common platform on which we can all connect. Not only has it helped in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. I find I now have more time for family and friends. Weekends no longer 'fly by' unproductively. Plans are accomplished, be it some home improvement project or some personal relaxation/reflection down time. This productivity system has been an invaluable tool to allow me to take back control of my time and accomplish my priorities and it has vastly helped me to improve my work/life balance."