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Are you looking for new ways to support your learners to get more out of your training programs long term? How often do you hear great feedback on your development programs only to see employees challenged to implement an sustain learning? According to the Association for Talent Development, 50% of learning effectiveness is attributed to follow-up activities that support application. The McGhee Learning System (MLS) provides on demand learning, support and sustainability materials to your Take Back Your Life! (TBYL) graduates as they begin to apply their newly learned behaviors or advance the use of the methodologies in their everyday lives. It contains engaging instructional and information content and a discussion forum to establish your own learning community.

Subscribers can ask questions, gain access to digital productivity training and resources while integrating TBYL into their work lives, connect with co-workers and explore multiple resources around McGhee's programs. You can also establish a personalized portal for your organization to included branded content, personalized infographics and survey results.

McGhee Learning System Content


  • FAQ video vignettes
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Technology tips
  • Program resources
  • Articles to support implementation
  • Handouts

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"I recently participated in the Take Back Your Life class and must say, I LOVED IT. My mind is clearer because I am better organized. I am able to accomplish so much more, with so much less stress. I leave work knowing that I began my day with goals and ended it with accomplishments. I feel empowered on my way home rather than drained. I plan to incorporate this system into my personal life and look forward to the progress that will create. I was so motivated to change when I left the class. I find that I have even changed the way I speak: I have replaced the 'not(s)' and 'no(s)' with 'will(s)' and 'be(s)'! The tips and methods we learned in the class are truly wonderful."