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McGhee Productivity Solutions is a GSA approved vendor. Federal Government customers have access to special negotiated pricing and multiple delivery modes of our Take Back Your Life!® productivity training classes at volume discount pricing.  The Take Back Your Life!® class combines behavioral awareness, productivity models, and the power of MS Outlook to drastically reduce work inefficiencies and heighten the working professionals’ sense of control and balance.

The training services covered under our GSA schedule include: 

• In-Person Take Back Your Life!® Class
• Virtual Take Back Your Life!® Class

Our GSA price list is available online at the GSA web site and can be accessed by clicking on the GSA Advantage logo above or clicking here

If you are a Federal Agency and would like to learn more, please contact Amanda Logan at

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"I’ve adapted and refined your system over the years to tailor it to my specific needs, but the core lesson/strategy is still there – do it, delegate it, delete it, defer (and schedule) it. It’s a litmus test that I can apply to everything that crosses my desk and lets me balance my work and personal life much more effectively than I did before. I’m more predictable and believable than many of my colleagues because I make the time to do what I say I will do and am up-front when I can’t do something (because of higher priority things) for someone else that they would like me to do. It’s a key differentiator in my environment and 'integrity' has become a core value of mine as a result. Thanks for the incredible (and amazingly simple) concepts that have literally changed my life."