The demands of your job seem to grow by the year. How do you keep up and ensure you’re delivering on all targets?

Key Benefits for Executives

Executives are under constant pressure to deliver: on short-term financial targets, long-term strategic goals, and all of the smaller initiatives in between. For many, this pressure comes conflicts with the expectations from family and personal life as well. MPS programs are designed to make your life easier. Gain greater alignment and accountability with your support teams for greater delivery and delegation on goals, and achieve greater work-life balance for well-rounded leadership in and out of the office. 

  • Greater delivery on strategic plan goals

  • Effective cascading of strategic actions

  • The right teams in place to act

  • Leadership and empowerment at all levels

  • More time to focus on strategy

What Other Executives Have to Say About Us

“My work with McGhee has helped me gain control of my workload and my schedule. I also learned the importance of clearly defined objectives. It is very powerful to know how to use technology to improve my personal and professional life.”

Debra Neison, Vice President at Mercury Companies

“One of the most beneficial parts of the TBYL 1:1 for me was the post-calls. They helped me stay on track with the methodologies from the TBYL 1:1, and  they provide amazing reminders and are a way to figure out extra tips and tricks you may have missed in the first session.”

Business Developer

“Although I had a successful career in management with a leading technology company, I wanted to move to the next level; (to) lead strategically with a vision that inspired the broader team and provided a clear direction for growth; for my direct reports and extended team to understand and communicate this vision to their organizations. We began the coaching with a combination of both business and personal goals with defined success metrics.  Throughout the next months, we both met and exceeded these goals.   The personal coaching enabled me to leapfrog my learning.  I express my strategic thoughts and plans more effectively.  My ability to influence my organization’s performance and potential has increased substantially. There is a clear link between accountability and our goals. My leadership potential has been recognized within the company and I was identified as one of the highest performing directors in the region.”

VP/GM, Fortune 100 Information Technology Firm

“Excellent training, extremely practical, very empowering. I will use this information starting immediately.”

Michelle Hodge, Vice President

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