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You’re supporting more executives and projects than ever. There are not enough hours in the day to keep up on your tasks and your manager’s. How do you get an edge? 

Key Benefits for Executive Assistants

Executive Assistants (EAs) are the unspoken heroes that keep an organization running. They are the key partnership with executives to ensure that there is time for strategies to be generated and implemented. Yet many EAs now support multiple executives, personalities, and working styles, and are increasingly overloaded with tasks. They must support conflicting priorities and tasks, while keeping all executives as focused and happy as possible. MPS programs improve the digital skills required to perform EA roles more efficiently, provide systems to reduce and organize e-mail, and help achieve alignment with the executives. This results in more things done, greater control and work-life balance, and higher job satisfaction. 

  • Improved digital skills specific to EA work

  • A positive EA/Executive partnership

  • Healthier boundaries between work and personal life

  • Better task management and prioritization

What Other EAs Have to Say About Us

“Before MPS, I knew things had really gotten too far. Who packs a dinner to take to work?  I took a leap of faith and by the facilitator’s example I made the decision to set a time for me to be out of the office and an activity for me. I now live a stress-free life and feel like I have control over my day. And better yet, it feels so good to just pack a snack and a lunch for a normal work day, and also have an activity or two just for me in the middle of the week.  Now my rides to work in the morning are for me to listen to music or just relax before the day begins, I know that as soon as I get to work I will see what the day has in store for me.”

Samantha Presiado, EA at PepsiCo

“I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is looking for life long, lasting results to a complete and balanced life!!! Dramatically improved the relationship with my boss and how we effectively met our objectives.”

Anonymous, Fortune 500 Beverage Company

“Before I had my executive TBYL 1:1 session, I felt out of control. I was working nights, weekends, and my work day was full of interruptions. Now, I have my life back. My calendar is completely under control, and I work much less and get the same amount done. I reduced my time in meetings by 12 hours a week. The key to my success was having my EA do the training at the same time I did, so we’re completely in sync. I highly recommend this program to every executive, their assistants, and their staffs.”

Anonymous, Fortune 500 Hospitality Firm

“I learned that it was OK to decide to make time for myself, distribute my workload and make the tool work for me and help me be a better EA. Actually, my interactions with my boss are better and more productive. We have built a really powerful partnership”

Anonymous, PepsiCo

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