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This highly impactful session is designed to enable Executives to dramatically increase their productivity while creating greater balance in life. This program supports participants in creating a customized workflow management approach to using Microsoft Outlook to manage their constant stream of communication, tasks and projects. Executives will gain insight on the need for alignment and accountability in their organization, and it will help them to spark behavioral change and adoption of proven productivity principles. This coaching session will help executives understand what they do and don’t have control over, all while assisting them in identifying leadership challenges, opportunities, and solutions.
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What You’ll Learn

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“This course profoundly changed the way I work. During recent performance reviews, I got the same comment from several of my direct reports: ‘I appreciate working with somebody who is on top of the issues and doesn’t let the details go by.’”

Paul Gubbay, Adobe

“I went into this knowing I’d benefit from some time management and prioritization coaching, but Steve blew me away with so much more. I am more organized, less stressed and have a sense of control that I’ve never enjoyed before. My team and colleagues say I am a more effective leader and communicator as well.  Thanks!”

Vice President, Nationwide Financial Services Company

“The time I spent with Steve in the coaching program has already been gained back ten-fold. I can honestly say that this coaching changed my life personally and professionally. I wear so many hats and bear so much responsibility that I have no clue how I managed before this coaching. I am much more effective now and am able to prioritize objectives and get the important things done first – allowing time to be more and do more for others. I highly recommend this Exec 1:1 program by MPS.”

National Partner, International Consulting Firm

Executive 1:1 Results

Improvement in Working Relationships with Direct Reports
Increase in Job Satisfaction
Increase in Organizational Commitment
Increase in Teamwork

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