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Concise Correspondence course participants will experience a hands-on approach to business writing. This program will use examples to ensure the relevant application of the program’s principles, ensuring more instantly- implementable approaches.
Learning Objectives:
• Increase written communication effectiveness using the 5 P’s for business writing

• Understand how to properly write business correspondence in various formats

• Communicate effectively with different audiences from staff to clients to executives

• Learn do’s and don’ts of written and verbal communication

• Utilize the “5 P’s – Business Writing Checklist” tool to support immediate writing improvement

• Learn tips & tools for better writing via email and other formats

The Concise Correspondence course will leave a memorable impression for immediate action called the 5 P’s.

The 5 P’s are:
1. Purpose – Before we write anything, we need to know why we’re writing it and what we hope to gain from the reader.
2. Perspective – We need to think about our readers point of view and provide context accordingly.
3. Points of Persuasion – We decide critical points to discuss and provide the appropriate level of information to support our points.
4. Prettiness – A memorable word to remind us to format our document well. We will learn how to use tools such as headers, bullet points, bold, type face, graphs and/or pictures for easy reading.
5. Proof – After we’ve drafted our written correspondence, we’ll discuss common mistakes to edit out of your document for increased credibility.

• All participants to come prepared with at least 3 examples of their own business writing for editing and improvement.

• All participants need access to their full desktop version of Outlook as well as a paper and pen.

• Participants will provide feedback for course improvement and relevancy for Corporate audiences.

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