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Digital Fluency

Mastering and staying current on constantly updating technology directly impacts daily productivity; therefore, it is critical to understand how to leverage the right technology to support your role and performance outcomes. MPS provides education on a variety of Microsoft productivity tools to ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest technology, and using your tools to the best of your ability specific to your role in an organization. 




Workflow Management

Digital Fluency



What Does Digital Fluency Provide?

What to Expect From a Digital Fluency Course


Increase in Efficiency


Reduction of Errors in Data


Increase in Collaboration on Projects


Increase in Productivity

What a Few of Our Clients Have to Say

“I thought the class was very useful. I have been using Excel but this has showed me several shortcuts and ways to complete tasks easier. I feel like I can navigate better through the spreadsheets I work in on a daily basis.”

Anonymous, Fortune 500 Consulting Firm

“These productivity classes are so good! Instructor’s effective and provide solid examples. Love the time that is set aside to actually try out and test what you are learning.”

Anonymous, Fortune 500 Consulting Firm

“I work for a construction management company. We utilize Teams to manage individual projects based on who in our organization are working on such projects. This training was very useful for me to understand how we can better leverage the Teams offerings for our purposes.”

Nigel Moore, Edifice Builders

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