Cultivating Accountability

When your team is aligned with organizational, team, and individual goals, accountability becomes a key factor to deploy and implement those goals. There are many levels of accountability within an organization based on the different roles. It is important to know how your staff currently handles accountability given most people do not like to be held accountable nor do they like to hold others accountable. This program is tailored to the audience, their role, and the level of accountability they need to engage in to support the organization’s culture and goals. It explores accountability in three parts: the tactics, what hinders it, and how to take responsibility to achieve it.
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With Cultivating Accountability, You Can Expect

Hear What Some Cultivating Accountability Participants Have to Say About the Course

“The course content and how it applies to work and personal situations were so valuable”

Carrie T., Fortune 500 Insurance Firm

“I gained practical knowledge that will help me ensure greater accountability. I plan to use these techniques with my current and future team members. I also plan to encourage my peers to take this course because I feel it will benefit them well.”

Ashley H., Fortune 500 Insurance Firm

“The Cultivating Accountability training has assisted me to recognize when I was blaming others so that I could then get myself to a more neutral viewpoint. The solution focused questions we learned in the training support empowerment and encourages development in our staff as we hold them accountable for outcomes and their responsibilities.I have experienced growth in myself and others as these conversations become easier and more effective.”

Kay Carr, Boulder County Motor Vehicle

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Organizational Success is the Outcome With a Clear, Consistent Strategy on Accountability.

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