Take Back Your Life!

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Welcome to the Take Back Your Life! Online Learning Course!  This course is designed to implement methodologies and practice behaviors through individual Lessons, Topics and Knowledge Checks intended to measure your understanding of the material.  This self-paced course is made up of 10 individual Lessons to be completed at your own pace.  You will simply click into each Lesson, experience the topics one by one, and complete the Knowledge Check (quiz) at the end of each Lesson.  It is recommended these Lessons be progressive in nature, however, you may decided to experience individual Lessons out of sequence if you choose.  Once you complete each Lesson, you will be able to reference and access that Lesson for the full 90 days of your access.

Upon completion of the course, you will submit a course evaluation which will help us refine and deliver optimum content.  Congratulations for taking steps to increase your personal productivity!

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Course Content

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Introduction to Take Back Your Life! Online Course


Lesson 1: Concepts and Methodology


Lesson 2: Productivity Mindsets


Lesson 3: Leveraging the Outlook To-Do Bar


Lesson 4: Organizing Reference


Lesson 5: Organizing Action


Lesson 6: Processing and Organizing Tasks


Lesson 7: Processing and Organizing Email


Lesson 8: Prioritizing and Planning


Lesson 9: The Weekly Review


Lesson 10: Conclusion

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