Take Back Your Life! Course

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Conquer your professional and personal e-mail, phone, text, and sticky note overload. The Take Back Your Life! course is our flagship course in the workflow and digital fluency disciplines, designed to teach you how to create a seamless system in Microsoft Outlook.

The course is made up of 10 self-paced lessons and uses a blend of engaging videos, technical exercises, knowledge checks, and weekly assignments. You’ll learn proven techniques and behaviors to improve, enhance, and sustain your productivity.

By the end of this self-paced course, you will experience a renewed sense of control with your most important objectives, projects, and tasks. The result is more focus, relaxation, and a greater emphasis on your work-life balance. Approximately 4.5 hours of coursework.

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Course Content

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Introduction to Take Back Your Life! On-Demand Course


Lesson 1: Concepts and Methodology


Lesson 2: Productivity Mindsets


Lesson 3: Leveraging the Outlook To-Do Bar


Lesson 4: Meaningful Objectives and Projects


Lesson 5: Organizing Action


Lesson 6: Processing and Organizing Tasks


Lesson 7: Processing and Organizing Email


Lesson 8: Prioritizing and Planning


Lesson 9: The Weekly Review


Lesson 10: Conclusion

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