Consultative Workshops

Our Consultative workshops create highly aligned, accountable, strategically thinking, and collaborative teams. Solutions include Strategic Team Planning, Team Accountability Program, and Cultivating Accountability.

Strategic Team Planning

This program guides intact teams through a process that focuses on celebrating wins, course-correcting what didn’t work in the past year and looking ahead to gain alignment for the coming year’s goals and objectives. Over the course of several days, each person is brought to a higher level of accountability and alignment around their individual contribution, goals, projects, and action plans for getting the most important things to get done. The process is sustainable year-after-year. The result is a higher degree of trust, assuming the best, transparent communication, and teaming.

Team Accountability Program

This program approaches accountability through behavior change and tactical processes. Your intact team will learn how to build and thrive in a highly accountable, communicative, and results-driven environment. Day one (also called the Cultivating Accountability workshop) focuses on understanding accountability and how your team can move from blame to solutions. Day two introduces a simple tracking system for reporting progress, bringing higher awareness around what’s working and not working—to dynamically steer the team toward results that will make the greatest impact.

Cultivating Accountability

This workshop takes your intact team through an interactive workshop to understand accountability and how you can move from blame to solutions. The result is each person leaves with a renewed commitment toward creating and owning their own results and success, for the greater good of the team and organization.

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Strategic Team Planning

Team Accountability Program

Cultivating Accountability

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“The Cultivating Accountability training has assisted me to recognize when I was blaming others so that I could then get myself to a more neutral viewpoint. I have experienced this growth in myself and others.”

Kay Carr, Branch Manager, Boulder County

“The level of trust among this team has increased tenfold. They are open and honest with each other and hold each other accountable/responsible for their actions. This would not be occurring if not for the Team Accountability Program.”

Manager, Government Agency

“By closing out the year we are able to remove any limitations for the upcoming year and concentrate on the things we want to change. The great part about creating a new paradigm is the meaning of the paradigm will shift as I start living into it which opens up new possibilities that I never knew existed before. This program has truly made a huge difference in our culture and how we work.”

Director, Government Agency

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