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In addition to working with Fortune 500 companies, our team members also provide services each year to many non-profit organizations around the world.

NetHope – A non-profit IT consortium of leading international NGOs serving tens of millions of end beneficiaries each year in 150+ countries. In addition to investing in the fight against starvation, Net Hope’s member organizations use technology to enhance emergency response and relief operations, promote land conservation, and deliver education and healthcare to impoverished children across the globe. A few of these member organizations include: Save the Children, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Nature Conservancy.

PATH – An international non-profit organization that creates sustainable, culturally relevant solutions that enable communities worldwide to break longstanding cycles of poor health.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – A non-profit foundation that operates from the belief that “Every life has equal value.” The philanthropic leadership team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation directs the strategies and grant making for initiatives to attack poverty, illiteracy, and disease.

Grist – A non-profit online magazine that delivers free environmental news and commentary.

Textile Exchange – A charitable organization committed to expanding organic agriculture with a specific focus on increasing the production and use of organically grown fibers such as cotton.

American Red Cross – The nation's premier emergency response organization.

Caldera – A non-profit that provides underserved Oregon children with year-round, long-term mentoring through arts and nature projects.

Enablis – A Canadian-based non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs in the developing world who share similar values and who believe in the vital role small-to-medium enterprises play in poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County – This non-profit works to provide a world-class workforce training and development systems.

Insight Seminars – An international non-profit educational organization that provides participants with practical tools to support them in living more authentic, successful, and abundant lives.

Midwest ISO – A non-profit, member-based organization committed to being the leader in electricity markets by providing valued service, reliable, cost-effective systems and operations, dependable and transparent prices, open access to markets, and planning for long-term efficiency.

Barrington Career Center – An organization dedicated helping anyone in job transition to learn the skills needed to launch and carry out a successful job search in today's challenging job market including networking, one-on-one job coaching, interviewing skills workshops, and weekly seminars.

Communities in the Schools of Chicago – A non-profit focused on connecting students in Chicago Public Schools and their families with free programs and services that address students’ unmet needs ranging from physicals and immunizations and mental healthcare to violence prevention education and theater performances. 

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"I recently participated in the Take Back Your Life class and must say, I LOVED IT. My mind is clearer because I am better organized. I am able to accomplish so much more, with so much less stress. I leave work knowing that I began my day with goals and ended it with accomplishments. I feel empowered on my way home rather than drained. I plan to incorporate this system into my personal life and look forward to the progress that will create. I was so motivated to change when I left the class. I find that I have even changed the way I speak: I have replaced the 'not(s)' and 'no(s)' with 'will(s)' and 'be(s)'! The tips and methods we learned in the class are truly wonderful."